How to Decorate a Coffee Shop

Assuming you already have the shop in place with all the needed equipment and ingredients, you must now give your coffee shop a personality. Aside from the good coffee, the look and ambiance of a coffee shop can play a significant part in why customers will want to come back and hang out and with custom neon signs cheap from Neon Mama you’ll definitely attract more customers to your shop. Take the time to plan a theme and incorporate your creativity to make your coffee shop a hot spot in your town. We also recently bought a fantastic new coffee machine using the web site Chaos and Coffee, it made it easy to find the perfect machine as they make some great recommendations, so we highly recommend them.

  • Decide on a theme for the interior of your coffee shop. Begin by choosing a color for the wall. Use rich colors in medium to deep tones. Visit other coffee shops around the area to get inspiration. Working with a Boston Interior Designer will provide you long-lasting results and a well-balanced interior design that will live up to your expectations as well. You can get art canvas prints or some needlepoint canvas and place them around the shop to make it look more stylish and sleek. The colors of the art as well as the coffee shop itself will give the first impression once people walk through your doors.

  • Decorate with the right items and furniture to reflect the theme, you can choose from this list of latte machines to get one for your shop. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, avoid complicated posters and advertisements. Purchase some nice leather chairs to add richness and sophistication to the shop. Look for artwork and other accents that go well with the theme. If you decided on an Italian theme, for instance, purchase antiques and vintage tin signs. Looking for the best antiques items? Here is an amazing antiques shop in Petworth which can be found at, they have some incredible stuff so have a look. Have fun with it and keep things original without going overboard. Meet with potential customers and try to incorporate their suggestions.
  • Let local artists display some of their works at stores. With this you can earn profit too. The artists get their names advertised while you get free decor for the shop. Look for local artists with works that echo the coffee shop’s overall theme. Some customers might even purchase the artwork, meaning you might earn a commission as well.
  • Hang coffee-themed pictures throughout the shop. For instance, you might display images of how you process your coffee, just make sure to look for a custom framing that uses only cotton rag mats to keep your pictures protected. This way, your customers will know how you do your service and what work goes into every cup of coffee you serve. Showcase a collection of coffee mugs and antique coffee cans. Visit Funny Novelty Coffee Mug Designs & Accessories shop or your local flea market to see if they have these items or purchase online.
  • Keep in mind your seating possibilities as well. Provide seating arrangements that can serve all types of customers. Arrange tables for groups, doubles and singles. Make sure you leave enough space for your employees to serve the customers back and forth between the counter and kitchen without cluttering the seating.
  • As you finish with the decor, consider the full atmosphere of the coffee shop. Give attention to the type of music you will play. For instance, if you play only dance music your older customers might have a hard time connecting with your shop and leave or not turn into repeat business. You want to ensure your music can appeal to many types of people. Look for music with a soft beat and relaxing sound. If your main audience involves students, you can even have them bring their own music and play it.

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