How to Create Team-Building Activities

Team building can serve many purposes in an organization or company. It can help members develop a team spirit and create an atmosphere of cooperation. Each member can learn how to share ideas, learn from one another and create new appreciation for fellow members. A team that can work together well will more likely trust each other and create more effective interaction while increasing work efficiency.

  • Help members get to know each other. Allowing members to learn each other’s personality can help them see their fellow teammates as part of a community rather than as acquaintances. Create games and exercises that allow every member of the tram to reveal something essential about herself. Hand out sheets of paper and ask six questions. Ask questions such as their favorite movies and foods, the names of their children, and their hometown. Have the other members guess who wrote the answers to the questions. This activity will teach members something new about their fellow teammates so they can all benefit from friendly interaction.

  • Engage in active listening. Active listening plays a major role in getting a team to function well. Learning this will help each member learn how to truly understand one other. Start by asking all members to sit in a circle. Announce the team is about to plan a new strategy to a project. Let each member brainstorm initial concepts and solutions. They should be able to finish their ideas then share it to the group. When someone feels they are being heard, he would more likely want to work with other team members.
  • Let members learn how to cooperate. Engage team members to create a collaborative art project. You can place the members into groups of three or four, depending on the team size. Provide each group with a sheet of paper and art supplies. After the groups have finished, place their finished art project on the wall and allow each member to give compliments to the team.
  • Focus on building trust. Trust within a team proves vital, especially since it requires them to work together toward a common goal. If you have a large, open area available for use, try a trust walk. Each member will need a blindfold and have to face a certain obstacle. Add other materials like chairs or ropes for a more challenging obstacle. You can facilitate this activity in pairs or slightly larger groups. Have the group assign their own team captain to navigate each team member to the finish line. At this point each member will rely solely on verbal cues from the designated captain. The group that successfully trusts each other first wins.
  • Spend time together away from the office. Team building should not feel like a chore but rather an activity in which each member can build team chemistry. Hold a barbeque party at a teammate’s house. Invite all members for a swim at a resort or go to Arlington entertainment and play axe throwing games. Another great idea would be to hire an entertainment company. Allow team members to bond after work. The hours spent having fun together helps build camaraderie.

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