How to Cut Down a Tree

According to this tree surgeon in Monmouth, a tree will reach the point when the best thing for it is to be cut down. This could be due to a disease, extreme pest infestations, or maybe the tree has grown too out of control and interferes with a house or a power line.

Whatever the case may be, after having a tree diagnosis, it is understandably heartbreaking to have to cut down the tree. After all, a lot of time and energy was put into the tree to get where it is today. But it is better to do this than to allow the tree to continue suffering from the problem, you can also find more info about tree removal services here.

If it is time for you to make that decision and you’ve accepted it, you must first make plans using tree surveys like Indigo Surveys before actually cutting it down.

There have been instances of trees smashing into cars and windows because the person did not properly plan. Take careful consideration of where the tree will fall and make sure there is nothing in the path that could be harmed or damaged from the tree. The best idea to prevent this is to accurately measure as noted by Rich’s Tree Service, Inc.

Now that you have decided where it will fall, climb the tree and tie together two ropes around the top of the tree. Anchor them on the side and direction opposite that the tree will fall. This way, you’ll be able to guide the direction of the falling tree, just in case it happens to lean toward a direction that could cause destruction. To learn more, here is a great article by Tree Company Bronx – Tree Removal & Cutting Service.

Once the above precautions have been made, it is finally time to cut down or trim the tree with the help of reliable tree trimming services. If you plan to use a hand saw or an axe, take a moment to consider the use of the best and modern axes for felling trees. Look at this Axe Box to have somewhere to store your axes properly. Not only will the cutting last decades, but a hand saw will not be nearly as accurate as a chainsaw. If you don’t have access to a chainsaw, then don’t even consider cutting the tree down until you have one. You can ask a friend or neighbor, or you can buy or even rent one from a nearby home improvement store such as Lowes.

Once you have a chainsaw and are ready to start cutting, make sure you wear face and eye protection just in case flying woodchips hit your facial area. My friend once made the mistake of not protecting his eyes when cutting down a tree, and now he is blind in one eye. So please take heed and protect any part of your body that will be exposed.

When you begin to cut, it is important that you do not cut a line straight across. If you do this, the tree will roll and you will have little to no control of where it will fall. You will want to cut a in a sideways “V” so that it will fall exactly or very close to where you want it. Plus, as long as your friends are helping you and guiding the rope attached to the tree, it will end up exactly where it should. This whole process should take no more than one hour.

When it comes to tree stump removal, this can be much more difficult and time consuming so it is advised to hire a professional for this. Alternatively, you can either rent a stump chipper or dig out the stump yourself. If you dig it out yourself, the results will be much more thorough; however, that option can take a long time to complete. If you have young children, they probably won’t mind going to the yard and digging the stump out for you. I had my kids do this and it took them a little less than one week. The stump in my yard was about one foot long in diameter. If your stump is bigger than this, then digging probably won’t work.

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