How to Get Rid of the Snails in Your Gardens

Snails and slugs are two garden pests that cause some of the worst destruction to gardens. Even the most experienced gardeners become frustrated at the level of damage these creatures can do. Here, I will provide you with a few tips, some tried and true, while others are new approaches. All of these ideas may not be successful for you; it will depend mostly on your area and how bad the infestation is. Remember that you will not be able to rid of them completely, but what you can do will make a great deal of improvement.

The first things you can try are barriers. This option works best at eliminating the snails more so than the slugs. This is due to the fact that slugs live underground and can avoid the barriers, whereas snails live above ground. What you will need to do is find some sort of barrier; it can be bran, soot, eggshells, or wood ash. Sprinkle the mixture generously around the plants and make sure there are no spaces or gaps. The way this works is that the snails and slugs will be hesitant to cross over on an unfamiliar surface, causing them to wander elsewhere to find food. However, findĀ bur oak trees for sale at website.

Another option is sprinkle oat bran all around the soil surrounding your plants. Slugs do love to eat oat bran; however, they will keep eating it until the point where they’ve eaten too much, resulting in them expanding and dying. Petroleum jelly can also serve as a deterrent when it is smeared across the edges of the plant pots.

Also, try using copper tape. This can be purchased at any hardware store. All you will need to do is stick the tape around the edge of the plant pots and when the snail attempts to cross over it, the tape will give the snail a minor shock.

Next, you can try using traps. One type of trap is called a beer trap, which can be purchased at garden shops. These are effective for both snails and slugs. Simply fill the trap with some cheap beer and place it in a hole so that the top of the trap is level with the soil. If you do not have beer, you can also use nearly expired milk or fruit juice. Likewise, if you do not wish to buy a trap, you can make your own by taking a plastic bottle and cutting off the base; take the bottle and place it in the ground.

Take a half-eaten grapefruit and cut a hole in the top of the skin. Place it upside down on top of the soil, and the slugs will love to gather underneath it during the day. Once the late evening arrives, collect up the grapefruit skins with slugs and dump them in a bucket filled with strongly salted water. Do not use plain water, as the slugs will simply swim to the sides of the bucket and crawl out. Ideally, you can also hunt for slugs during the day if you are familiar with their hideouts. These are usually in dark, damp corners, and under bricks and logs.

The final methods to try are predators. The first option for this is to use nematodes. These are tiny, microscopic parasites that will kill the slugs. Simply buy the powdered mix from a garden shop and mix it with water into a spray bottle; then spray the mixture onto the soil. This will work for up to 6 weeks.

Also, if you have the space and means for caring for them, buy some chickens or ducks, as they enjoy eating slugs. At least with this option, you will no longer have to buy eggs!

Make your garden attractive for the natural predators. Dig a pond to attract frogs, or leave out food that hedgehogs will enjoy. The natural predators will not instantly rid you of slugs, but it will result in a healthier, happier garden.

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About the Author: Greenery always attracts Arthur Kunkle. He has a big garden where he plants many fruits and vegetables. His passion for gardening motivates him to write and share different tips on gardening.

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