How to Cure Blocked Tear Ducts

Tear ducts are the tiny channels that are connected to the nose that allows tears to drain away from the eyes. If a tear duct becomes obstructed, the tears are not able to drain properly. This can be very painful and cause swelling. The causes of blocked tear ducts can vary. Blocked tear ducts can be a result of dirt, bacterial or viral infections of environmental factors. Small children in their infancy are prone to blocked tear ducts. There are natural cures that can be used to help remedy the symptoms. Here are a few natural suggestions to cure blocked tear ducts.


Step 1

Get a diagnosis. Go to your doctor for an exam. Your doctor will  perform the necessary tests to determine if the tear duct is obstructed. The quantity of tears can also be an indication of a blockage. During this exam, the doctor will also find where the blockage is and the underlying causes for the condition.

Some babies are born with obstructed tear ducts. In this situation the tear ducts usually resolve before the child’s first birthday. No treatment is necessary.

If the cause is bacterial, there will be antibiotics administered to minimize the swelling and discharge. Pus may form around effected areas and this may be the primary indication of a blocked tear duct due to infections. Probing the area may help alleviate the condition.

Step 2

Massage can be effective in unclogging blocked tear ducts for adults. Take a warm, damp cloth and massage the symptomatic area with it. If there is infection, you made add a few drops of tea tree oil to the water. Place the wash cloth in the solution and then apply it to the affected area. Massage gently and in small circles. Keep this massage up for several minutes going clockwise, then the same amount of time going counter clockwise. This can be repeated every hour. Try to stay away from eye irritants like chopping onions, or cigarette smoke.

Step 3

For infants and children, some health sources say 30% will experience a blocked tear duct. An indication is that pus will collect underneath the eyelid or in the corner of the eyes. To clean the pus from the eyes, wet a cotton ball with warm water and wipe it away. You can repeat this several times a day. Massage the eyes with a clean cotton swab. Apply the cotton swab to the inner corners of the eye and press gently until clear fluid comes out from the duct. If the eyelid because swollen, red or very warm to the touch, inform your pediatrician. the eyes to clear up blockage in a few days.

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