How to Create an Outdoor Living in your Garden

The trend now is to integrate the garden and the living area so that the transition from one to the other is less noticeable. One good way of achieving this is to have roofing contractors construct a clear roof covering a patio area with French windows leading out from the house. For maximum efficiency, one may opt with energy efficient windows installation. A skylight roofing installation with the help of home roof contractors may also be considered. The same floor covering, or similar colour, could be used in the house and patio, quarry tiles for example. Potted plants in both sections will amplify the garden theme. The advantage of having a covered area is that you can enjoy sitting in the garden even on wet days when the weather is warm and it is ideal for evening dinner parties.

Even though your garden may be in the middle of a town it is still possible to create a wild effect and bring a bit of the countryside to a built-up area. Wild gardens should be allowed to grow at random and you will find that all sorts of plants will appear from seed carried by birds or blown in the wind. You don’t heed to worry about what are weeds and what are not; just keep anything that looks attractive.

Outdoor Living Garden

This type of garden will attract all sorts of birds, butterflies and insects and perhaps even hedgehogs. If you provide water you may get frogs too, if there is a way in to the garden.

Another type of garden that is becoming increasingly popular is the Japanese garden. Tranquility is the theme here and the effect is provided by uncluttered planting surrounded by stones and gravel and some sort of water feature. Running water has a most soothing effect in any sort of garden and is easier to keep fresh than still water. If you have a pond you will need to create the right balance with oxygenating plants to prevent the water becoming green and slimy.

Watering is going to be necessary in the garden especially if there are a lot of plants in pots and hanging baskets. Plants next to walls also dry out quickly. An outside tap is extremely useful, preferably with a reel-type hosepipe that can easily be stored. Another method, which can be fitted when the garden is under construction, is to have an underground hose system with countersunk nozzles that push up when the hose is turned on.

One word of warning—when constructing the patio or hard surfacing bear in mind that water should drain away from the house. If you have all hard surfacing and raised beds it may be necessary to have drainage holes somewhere in the garden.

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About the Author: Greenery always attracts Arthur Kunkle. He has a big garden where he plants many fruits and vegetables. His passion for gardening motivates him to write and share different tips on gardening.

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