How to Create an Email Filter in Cpanel

If you use cPanel, there is a great tool that allows you to filter messages that are delivered to the inbox on your server. The account level email filtering allows you to set up email filters to filter all the messages of the inboxes on that particular domain.

Based on today’s technology, there is still no software that can completely eliminate spam in email. Some states in American have decreed sending spam messages are illegal. However, there are many countries still don’t have such law. Thus, more and more spammers are outsourcing their activities to send out spam messages to email account in these countries because they feel protected by the laws in these nations.

Some spammers teamed up with hackers so that they can send malicious virus into our computer system. These hackers are usually experts in writing virus software, and scripts. If these viruses intrude our computer, it will crash down the operating system so that it cannot startup normally. Phising is an illegal underground business that aims to collect email address and personal in information. Phising is also identity thieving. Phising creates a security hole on our computer system. They will be able to know the programs and documents that are stored on our computer. This can be dangerous if you keep your credit card number, bank account numbers or other important information on your computer.

In order to prevent spam, we must delete it before it reached the inbox. You can configure the account level email filter through rules, and actions. This will save you lots of time of reviewing the emails on all the account and delete them. The more emails in your account, the more disk space it will consumed.

To create an email filter in cPanel, follow the instructions below:


  • On the homepage of Your Cpanel account, click User Level Filtering under Mail.

Cpanel Account

  • Click Manage Filter on the email account you want to create filters.
  • Click Create a new Filter.

New Filter

  • Enter a name for your email filter.

Email Filter

  • You can add rule to match subjects, addresses or other parts of the message by setting the filters from the drop down menu and typing the criteria inside the text box. You can add multiples rules by clicking on the + button.

Text box

  • You can set actions for a message such as discard it, redirect it to another email account, and deliver it to another folder.  You can also add multiple actions by clicking on the + button.
  • When you are done, click Activate.

Click Activate

If you follow the steps above, you will be able to create an account level email filter for your inboxes on the Cpanel.

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