How to Create a Flyer for a Restaurant

Flyers offer an inexpensive way to advertise your business. Create your own flyers to promote a new restaurant, advertise specials or new dishes, or highlight a new service you plan to offer. Remember to design your flyers in a way that ensures easy reading and understanding while focusing on the purpose before contacting commercial printing services.

  • 1Decide on the design. Use a scratchpad and draw out your design premise for the flyer. Determine the flyer’s and focus on that aspect. Planning to feature a new dish or special? Then have your flyer focus on that. You need to get your message across in the flyer; otherwise, you just wasted the effort.
  • Draw your reader’s attention with your headline. Place the special at the top of the flyer in bold and large fonts. This will encourage your reader to focus his eyes directly on your message.

  • Add quality graphics to the flyer. If you have as your goal announcing new specials, highlight images of the items most likely to stand out and draw in potential customers. Consider adding special price as well.
  • After deciding how the flyer should look, use a computer software program such as Apple Pages, Microsoft Publisher or Photoshop to create it. Study the special features of the software and play with the style, color and font. Use text and image boxes to highlight your message. Feature the most important information in a larger font or different color and place it in a position on the flyer that attracts optimum attention. If necessary, hire a graphic designer and have him bring your concept to life.
  • Design your flyer simply. Keep your flyer clean and easy to understand. Use bullet points and numbered lists to organize the contents of the flyer. If you plan to provide a special coupon, highlight it inside a box in which the audience can see it immediately. If you want to advertise a special dish, you can also list any special ingredients and its special promo.
  • Ask a friend to proofread the flyer. Make sure you have proper spelling and grammar. Choose a color for the background before printing. For example, a yellow background with black print provides higher visibility, although producing it in black and white rather than colored copies will prove cheaper. Decide what you think will best reflect your restaurant’s style.
  • Place the logo of your restaurant. Add its name together with the address and contact number so it stands out. Add a map to the flyer so people would know its exact location.
  • Check the final design before printing. Visit a business Print management shops, stationery stores, or any place with a copy machine that might help you have it printed in bulk. Keep the original in case you need to print more copies.

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