How to Correctly Do Push-up Exercises

Nowadays, losing weight and developing your muscles is never a problem even if you haven’t got a budget to buy exercise equipments.  There are a number of options available for you and these include push-ups.  You can execute push-ups anywhere and anytime at your convenience, and this can be done even by a newbie.  Simple as it may seem, but it is important for you to learn how to execute properly each set so that you will get the maximum benefit of the routine and for your safety as well.  Here is the list of guidelines for your push-up exercise especially if you’re just starting to do it.



Warm ups are a good start before doing the real push-ups exercise.  This is very important in order to condition your muscles, lower the chances of hurting and straining yourself and allow you to perform more push-ups as you go along. When training, EMS fitness can help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently, for more information about ems training, see Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training.


A flat surface is ideal for push-ups.  This is especially beneficial when the space is carpeted because it is good for your hands.


Use your arms to raise your body while making sure that your back as well as arms are straight.  Keep your hands at a shoulder-width apart position, pointing slightly an angle outwards.  Direct your toes towards your head while the ankles of your feet will support your weight.


It is very important to keep a correct form of the body while doing the exercise in order to make this regimen most beneficial.  Maintaining tight abs is necessary so that you’d be working to develop a flat stomach simultaneously.  Position your face such that you are looking forward in place of looking down the floor and keep your feet together.

It is important to keep your back as well as arms straight when you lift your body.  Never bend your back.  When you lift your body, use your shoulders and your chest, not only just your arms.  It is easier to lift up your body when your elbows are closed to it while maintaining your palm at fixed position.

At the count of one, move your body towards the floor.  Do it slowly and elaborately.  Maintain a half-inch distance of your chest from the floor; never allow it to touch the floor.  Keep this same position for at least one count after which lift your body slowly to start another set.


Push-ups are of different type and modified versions.  Depending on the ability levels, you can try easier version.  One easy version of push-up is to simply put your knees down and lower your legs towards the floor.  Make some adjustments in the distance between both your hands until such time that it is easier for you to raise your body.

If you want a more advanced version of this exercise, try this one. Position your feet higher as compared to your body.  This position will allow you to develop your abs as well as gluts at a maximum level.  If you wish to explore more of this advanced version of this regimen, you can try some push-ups that are one-armed.

Now you’ve got them.  You’ve got some of the significant tips to guide you in learning another option to lose weight, which we called push-up. It is important to keep your concentration on every set.  Quality, not quantity is what we aimed here.  If you consistently do this exercise, without you knowing it, you’ll get astonished to find yourself perfecting the execution of every set.  So, keep it up and stay fit!

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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