How to Convert VHS to DVD

VHS are the video home system, it is a standard developed by the Japanese company in the year 1976. This is the format where most of the videos are kept in the past days. If you want to save them in DVD you have to convert and save. The DVD is one of the best ways to preserve the old VHS videos of your family. The old tapes usually lose their memory capacity due to various other problems. So it is better to convert them to DVD and preserve them for the future. If you are in a position to convert the VHS to DVD then this article will give you the various ways in which you can convert them.


  • There are many ways to capture your VHS video to the computer, you just make use of the analog to DV convertor, this will do the needed process, here you must select the encode format as MPEG-2. This method is the most time consuming one compared to other conversion methods, but at the same time it provides you with a number of additional features such as, special effects, adding transitions, music, etc. the encoding process even take several hours to complete. After all the encoding process is over you can burn it in a DVD and use them when they are needed.

  • This is the second method to convert the VHS into DVD; here you must make use of hardware capture equipment that converts the VHS into MPEG-2 directly. The time taken for this process is comparatively lesser than the first method; here it takes a minute to convert a minute or VHS video. It has some of the limitations, which it won’t allow you to cut the videos. If you need not want to do any editing in the old VHS video, then this is the only method that will convert the VHS to DVD in very high speed. It has some extra features such as adding menus to your DVD. It is an inexpensive method and at the same time you could get a good quality video.
  • Consider this method; here you have to connect your VHS or the camcorder or VCR to the DVD recorder which is capable working as a VCR. This VHS – DVD recorder gives you a basic copy of your DVD. But the main disadvantage is you can’t find flexibility here. It is the fastest way compared to other two methods mentioned above.
  • You can make use of any of the above methods, but the only important thing you must have it in your mind is the quality of the video, so choose the method that gives you the best quality video.

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