How to Convert VCD to Mp3

The video cd uses the MPEG-1 video compression algorithm to create its own output format .DAT as the extension of VCD file. The MPEG means Moving Pictures Experts Group; this group is responsible for all the needed compression algorithms. The MP3 is also a compression algorithm which uses the layer 3 of MPEG. This is the reason for naming it as MP3. The MP3 is a format purely supports only the audio of the media file and not the video.

Software needed to convert the VCD to MP3 is the “River Past”, it is an audio convertor used for many purposes. This software is available for free over the internet; download this software from the internet.

  • After downloading the software, run it. Give the needed information that the software asks you during installation. The installation will get over in a couple of seconds. You could get a desktop icon, double click on the icon, you could open the “River Past” convertor.
  • In the software application, click on the “add file” button from the tool bar available on the top. This will opens you a dialog box which can be used to select the needed DAT files from your hard disk to convert it into MP3. If you don’t know which one are DAT file, then select the file type as “DAT VCD media files”. This will show only the VCD files available in the place you are browsing.
  • Select the needed files from it and click on the “open” button, this will opens you the needed files on the “River Past” convertor in the conversion list.
  • It’s your turn to select the output format; here you choose the output format as “MP3 MPEG layer-3”, this will make the format as MP3. The convertor allows you to choose the extra features such as the sampling rate and bitrates. The maximum values are mostly kept default in the convertor. The values are 24 kHz and 56 kbps.
  • This is one of the default actions to do. Select the output directory to save the converted software. You can do this by clicking on the “output directory” panel. This will opens you a dialog box which can be used to select the needed output directory from your hard disk to save the converted MP3 files.
  • Now all the process is done except the conversion. Just click on the “convert” button from the software. Now the conversion process is initiated. The process will get over in few minutes and the converted file will be saved in the provided output directory. When the conversion process is over, the “River Past” will give you an alert that the conversion is over. Thus you can convert VCD to MP3.

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