How Convert RM to MP3

Real media files are widely used now, but the only disadvantage is, it could be played only in the real player and very few other players. If you want to run the rm file in some other player, you have to just convert it into mp3 format, which is a global format that could be played in all the other players and also by iPod, PSP, etc. This article mainly concerns on the task to convert an rm file to mp3.

Software required:

“Switch” it is one of the conversion software available for free in the internet. This is a best tool used for conversion of rm to mp3 format. If you can’t get the software for free, then download the trail version of the “Switch”. The trail version will have the entire features of the software for some specified period.

If you need the full version of the software then you can buy it online for $US 19.40. This upgrade of the software will allow you to use the software fully. If you are not willing to upgrade the software then click NO when you asked for the upgrade after the trail period is over.


The conversion has four steps, follow the steps carefully to convert the rm to mp3. Take care that the conversion process should not interrupt in the middle way, if not you will not get the converted file.


Install the downloaded “Switch” software. The installation process takes around a minute to complete. Now launch the “Switch” convertor, in the left hand side corner you could see a button with plus sign. This button is the “add file” button. Click on this button, this will opens you a browser, using this select the needed rm file to convert. At a time you can add more than one file, the software maintains a queue so that it can maintain the process properly.


After adding the files, it’s time to select the destination folder where the converted file to be saved. You can use the browse button to do this job. It also gives options to create a new folder to save the converted files.


The most important thing is this, you must select the output format, “Switch” allows you to convert the file to many formats. So in this place, select the output format as mp3. Now the needed steps are done.


This is the final step in this process; here your duty is to start the conversion process, for this you must click on the convert button available in the software. The converted file will be saved in the specified location. Use the converted mp3 file in your iPod and enjoy the music.

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