How to Convert MP4 to AVI

The term “Open source software” describes one computer program which is freely available for the public facility. This could be worked on and can be updated and used by anyone who has computer programming background or skills. This generally results with good high-quality working software, as anyone could update it and can fix up the bugs or can add features to it any time. The open source video conversion software is specifically helpful and useful. You can know to convert the MP4 to AVI format with the open source software by following the below given easy steps. The things you will need to do are:

  • The first step is to download the TMPGEnc software. This TMPGEnc is the open source software used for video conversion programs which is widely used among the Internet community people. This software specializes in taking the video files and then converts them to a dozen of different multi formats, including the AVI format. You can also download the software TMPGEnc installation set up file at the site of

  • The second step is to install the TMPGEnc file. To do this, just click the installation or the set up file which you downloaded from the website and simply follow the instructions or commands that will appear on the screen on pop up boxes as you proceed.
  • The third step is to open the TMPGEnc file. You can open it by either clicking on the icon itself which was placed on the computer’s desktop screen during the installation process or just open it from the option “Programs” folder which is found under the “Start-up” menu.
  • The fourth step is to select the option “Add” from the option “File” menu which will open up another window box asking the user to search the file that you wanted to convert. Then locate the MP4 file on the computer’s hard drive, and then simply click on that and press the option “Add” button again.
  • The fifth step is to change the file settings of the window “Output File” box that is present in the main window of the TMPGEnc box from whichever it currently states to the option “.AVI.”
  • The last step is to just locate and then press the option “Start” button that is present inside the TMPGEnc. This will start converting the selected file from MP4 format to a new AVI format. Once the conversion process is over (which will be quick or may take awhile, which depends on both the speed of the processor of the computer and also the size of selected file which needs to be converted), the program box will be making a dinging noise.

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