How to Convert Mp3 to Mp4

The rise in the popularity of the iPod’s and the portable play stations as the later advancements in technology has resulted in dilemma of what to do with the downloaded MP3 files from the internet. This is because these electronic devices like the iPod’s and potable play stations, plays the video and the audio in the latest and the newer MP4 formats which cannot play the MP3 formats. So converting the MP3 formats to the MP4s will be easy when you follow the below given guidelines carefully.

The main instructions are given as steps which are:


  • The first step is to find out the installing file and install the video/audio conversion software. Browse internet for these type software say from where the software is got at no cost. There are lots of these programs available via the net, but be careful as some will be only converting the MP4s to MP3 formats and not from the MP3s to MP4 formats.
  • The second step is to determine which type of MP4 format your audio or video device requires to the file for converting. Say for example, the iPod will check out the MP4a file and will determine that file as an audio file. The device will check out the MP4 formats (with no letters following) as an audio and a video, and the MP4b files as the audio books, and the MP4v files as the video and the MP4p as the protected files. So initially which type of file you wanted to convert to an MP$ format.
  • The third step is to download the MP4 codec and then install it. The video/audio conversion software must include this codec, but in some free software this requirement is done as the second process. See the web link to download the proper and right codec from the resources part, because without the supporting file, the MP4 codec the conversion process cannot be done properly. So be careful in downloading the right formatted codec file.
  • The fourth step is to select the right file which you wanted to convert to Mp4 format. Some of the software will just simplify the steps by simply having you a right click done on the particular file name itself. Then you can select the format which you wanted to convert to another typed file. Other software methods will require some additional steps to be followed.
  • The last step id using the more sophisticated video/audio conversion software, which is done by selecting the files directly and then click on the MP3s which you wanted to convert, and select the type of output format (MP4), and choose bit rate and then conversion of the file starts.

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