How to Conver Protected VHS Tapes to DVD

Before I begin, there are 4 things that you will need for this tutorial. You need a VHS player, a standalone DVD Recorder, cables to connect your VHS to your DVD player and a recordable blank DVD. You will either have most of these, or you will be able to buy them cheap at the local electronics store. But if you think you can’t do it on your own, there is a professional¬†video transfer service that can assist you to digitize your tapes.

For now, you may try doing the following steps:

  • To begin, connect the video and audio outputs from your CVR into the video and audio inputs that your DVD recorder uses. Most of the time you can use standard RCA cables that should have 2 audio outputs and 1 video cable. If you don’t already have these, you can buy them at most shops that will sell you home audio and video equipment. RCA cables are easily recognized because they have 3 plugs, one red, one yellow and one white on each end of the cable. Sometimes your DVD recorder might not be able to use standard RCA cables. If it cannot then you will have to consult the manual that it came with and determine what type of input it uses.

  • Once you have set all of that up, you will have to test the audio levels of the recording. To do this, set your DVD recorder to standby mode and start to play your video tape on the VCR. Keep an eye on the audio levels on the front of your DVD recorder and make sure that the volume levels do not pass 0dB on the DVD recorders meter. Your DVD recorder might not have this panel and so if it does, just make sure that the light indication stays away from the red area. The red area indicates unusual noises such as distortion caused by an overwhelming amount of noise. If it does have too much distortion, simply reduce the input levels that should be at the back of your DVD recorder. Now you need to rewind your tape to the place you want to record from
  • Now simply put a blank DVD into your recorder and select the “begin recording” button on your machine. Next, select the “Play/Begin” button on your VCR. Let it play until the tape has finished and stop recording on the DVD player.
  • If needed, finalize the DVD in your recorder if it is required. Finalization is the process which allows DVD’s to play on any other DVD player. Not all DVD recorders require finalization, but most do. If you are unsure on whether or not you need to finalize your recording, consult the owners guide to your DVD recorder.

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