How to Choose Between an Analog and Digital Answering Machines

In the modern world the answering machines have been unavoidable devices. These devices have undergone many innovations. They have many stunning features and many attractive options. The answering machines are of both digital and analog type. The analog is still being a reliable type whereas the digital technology has imprinted its own advantages in the answering machines. Both the type have the same duty to perform but choosing one from either type is little complicated since each type is slightly different from each other. There are certain factors to be considered before choosing a particular type which is discussed below.

  • The storage capacity of the answering machine has a high value of consideration. The digital and analog answering machines have a major difference in their storage capacity. A tape is used to record the outgoing and incoming messages in analog answering machines. In digital answering machines, a digital chip is used to store the messages.

  • The flexibility of the storage is another consideration among the answering machines. The analog answering machine does not have the option of deleting the messages stored in the tape. But in the digital answering machine we can delete any message or store the messages in any order we wish. But in case of digital answering machine the messages are always available. In digital answering machine when there is a power failure and when there is no battery backup facility then the messages may get lost.
  • The next thing to be considered is the sound quality. Both the answering machines have different sound quality. In analog answering machine the background noise is also recorded which affects the sound quality. But in digital answering machine it is not so. There are certain brands of digital answering machines which use cheap digital chips which affect the sound quality.
  • The important thing is the durability of answering machines. In analog answering machines the parts are very sensitive and are easily damaged. They can’t be repaired sometimes. But in digital answering machines this is not the case. They are much durable.
  • We must also consider the other features available in the answering machines. Certain answering machines have a longer time period of recording. Some models have the ability to include greetings upon certain time schedule. There answering machines which are expensive have the option of voice mail boxes.
  • The final thing to be considered is the price of the machines. Based on the type, the price varies. The price range is between $7 and $200.
  • We must be aware of the different types of the answering machines available. There are different types and in different technical specifications available. Nowadays mixes of both digital and analog answering machines is available. These machines do one work in digital and another work in analog forms. For example the outgoing messages may be digitally recorded while the incoming messages may be recorded in a tape. We can make use of such hybrid type if we are in need of both digital and analog featured answering machines.

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