How to Chase Away Angry Dogs

Dogs are known to be watchful animals watching closely their own territories and defending them whenever they see intruders.  They have a strong instinct against strangers. In fact, even if they were asleep, when they sense that their territories are being violated, they would react and bite. However if you have dogs at home, you may visit a trusted site like when looking for reliable training that will help your dog develop skills such as loose leash walking, obedience, traveling in vehicles, and crate training.

A dog assumes that the house and its perimeter where it lives are the whole territorial boundaries that the dog watches and protects against trespassers.  If the dog is brought inside the car, it assumes the car as part of its territory.  Cases of dog attacks happen when the dog senses a threat to its territory.

In order not to fall victims of dog attacks, there are some recommendations released by The Humane Society of the U.S., which can help you thwart these kinds of incidents.  Don’t come near a dog that has just seen you once, especially if it’s tied to a chain or confined within the yard or inside a car.  When the dog walks with its owner, don’t just come close to it without checking first with the owner.

Touching your own dog for a surprise without showing yourself or allowing it to sniff you first can put you in great danger.  When you encounter a strange dog, don’t turn your back away from it, and run.  Once you do try to run away, the dog will surely run after you and once you’re caught, it can harm you tremendously.  When a dog is pregnant, sleeping, nursing its puppies, eating, or chewing a dog toy, you should stay away from it and you should never attempt to disturb it.

Be careful on strange dogs; always think that they would treat you as a threat or as an intruder in their territory, once they see you.  If a dog barks at you and you sense that, it’s going to attack you, just don’t move and don’t make any noise or run until it loses its interest in you.

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