How to Change Mini DV Tape for a Video Camcorder

Nowadays, Video camcorder uses a DV tape for the larger tapes that was used earlier. This is a more convenient way for the users, as bringing extra tapes will not be bulkier. It is really very easy to change your camcorder mini DV tape. At first this procedure may be little confusing but if you do it, and then you will feel easier to do it and used to it.

Following are some of the simple points on how you to change your camcorder’s mini DV tape: First purchase the DV tapes for the camcorder. There are many different brands from which you can choose a good one. You will save a little money if the DV tapes are purchased in bulk than buying the tapes one by one whenever you are in need of them. One of the website from which you can order to buy mini DV tapes at cheaper prices is the On the above site, you can choose brands for the DV tapes from Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, JVC, TDK and Maxell.

  • Remove the older DV tape from your camcorder: Now on your camcorder, look out for the eject button and press it so that the place for DV tape will open. Then remove the older tape from your camcorder and keep it inside the case. Label the tape which you removed so later too you will remember what was the contents in it. To ensure the removed tape not be recorded again, find out the lock on side of the DV tape and again lock it.
  • Now insert the new DV tape: After removing the older DV tape from your camcorder from its slot, insert the new DV tape. Take out the new DV tape from its crystal case and remove its plastic covering. Then, insert the new DV tape into its slot and try to close its cover. If it’s not closing then the DV tape is inserted incorrectly in the slot. So remove the DV tape then flip it and insert it again.
  • These are the things on how to replace the DV tape easily in your DV camcorder. Each branded video camcorder differs so it is better to read the user manual first before replacing the DV tape in the camcorder. Browse the manual in internet and look the different functions for the buttons present in your model video camcorder so you would find easier to use it.
  • After using the video camcorder, you can also transfer the contents of it to your personal computer and also can edit the videos. This is done by connecting video camcorder’s cable to the computer. Just read the manual before doing any changes so that you can be very sure to what to do.

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