How to Choose a Perfect Rabbit Hutch

Rabbits are wonderful pets as they are highly intelligent, sociable, and inquisitive creatures. But being a rabbit pet owner also requires responsibility. The foremost thing a pet owner must consider for his domesticated rabbit are his/her accommodations. Pet enclosures for your rabbit can range from outdoor pens, hutches, and runs, to indoor rabbit cages. Rabbits are much easier to take care of when inside the home, but when these are outside the proper pet enclosure can make a big difference in your pet’s safety and protection.

Rabbits take fairly well to being litter trained, so a solid floor is fine and not too difficult to clean. Many cages meant for rabbits are still made with wire floors over pull out pans, designed to make cleaning easier. However, wire floors (even those with very narrow spacing) can be uncomfortable and can cause sores or the hocks, so it is best to get a cage without wire floors. Wire floors should be covered with a piece of wood, or grass or sisal mats (grass mats are nice to have in solid floored cages too, to vary the surface and provide traction).

The door to the cage should be about large enough to get a litter pan (and rabbit) through easily. A side door is probably best, as a top-opening cage makes getting the rabbit in and out a little harder (and it is best if the rabbit can get in and out on its own). The opening should have smooth edges, or plastic guard strips over the edges of the wires.

Your rabbit must have an enclosed, sheltered space to help it feel safe from any perceived threats. Because rabbits are prey animals, they can feel easily threatened by predators such as cats, dogs and even foxes. A rabbit can literally be scared to death by the attentions of a predator. Your rabbit hutch must include a section where they can hide and feel safe. Your rabbit hutch should also provide warmth and protection from the weather if it is to be kept outdoors. Be sure to provide plenty of straw or hay for your bunny to burrow in to keep warm, sometimes a hot water bottle can be helpful in cold weather.

There is a saying that the rabbits grow faster an bigger according to area of the hutch. When they feel safe they are adorable to see. If you have a dog at home then there is trouble ready in your absence.

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