How to Build a Wooden Skate Ramp

Do you love to skate? And you cannot find a good park where you can enjoy your skateboard? Now is the right time for you to make your own wooden skate ramp. Skate parks are sometimes expensive to make but if you will have the right procedure and information on How to build your wooden skate ramp surely you will not mind it. Looking for the right place in your house your backyard would be the best spot and as for the materials, you can get hooked up at the Colorado lumber yard. To make it more exciting you can ask help from your friends that can also benefit right after your project.


  • Plan
  • Sheets of plywood with a measurement of 2 by 4 (enough to be use in making you skate ramp, ideally 3 to 6 sheets)
  • Measuring materials
  • Marker
  • Tools (saw and hammer)
  • Nails
  • Sandpaper


  1. Be sure to have the right location for your skate ramp, Clean the area where you can build and be able to store your project especially during rainy season and cold season that can damage your ramp.
  2. It is good to follow carefully the plan that you have and be guided by an expert in building to prevent any problems and safety of the people that will use the ramp is insured.
  3. Use one sheet of the plywood and measure 3/4 inches. Place it flat on the floor or in a flat surface.
  4. Mark the wood so that you will have the exact result of the ramp. Measurements are very important to have the desire outcome of the project.
  5. Mark a line at the side of the plywood about 2 ft above and then make another line to the left to the center.
  6. Mark the 3rd line; it must be across then the bottom sheet of wood. This is the bottom of your project, and then connects the upper line with the bottom line making a curve.
  7. You need to cut wood following the lines that you have made. Then you need to repeat the procedure of 3/4 inches of plywood. You will have this as the sides and the braces at the middle when you will install it.
  8. Secure both sides, starting at the bottom with spaces that are equal and can support it properly.
  9. Use the nail to attach the sides with your building materials.
  10. Make it a point that the edges are use with sand paper to smooth the surface and clean the dust of the area.

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