How to Make Bench Cushions

Comfortable seating positions are very important so that you will be able to relax while you are in your living room. Here is a great way to know on How to make bench cushions in the living room. This is an easy project which only requires fewer materials and can be changed anytime as you desire. The material for the cushion can be cheap and easy to find in your household if you do not want to spend on the materials.


  • Sewing materials (thread, pins and others)
  • Cloth or Fabric (cotton and printed cloth are appropriate to use)
  • Sewing machines
  • A foam that can be place inside.
  • Beautiful pre designed materials.
  • Tracing paper and marker.


  1. Be exact to have the right measurements for the size of bench cushions. It is very important that you know what size you want, the right and appropriate size of the bench cushion that can be use.
  2. Do not forget to exactly know the width and the depth of the front of the cushion. So that you will not forget all the measurements you will need and plot is on a tracing paper so that it will be easy to trace it to the cloth or fabric that you will be using.
  3. When you already able to plot the measurements on the tracing paper, do not forget to have an allowance so that you will not have a problem in sewing it together.
  4. After you have trace the size, cut the fabric and be sure you are ready to use the sewing machine and sew together the fabric.
  5. If you are not an expert in sewing it is very important to have assistance so that you will not have a hard time in making the cushion and may have many damage.
  6. After you have sew the fabric it is time to put the foam inside, carefully measure also the foam that you will insert so that you will have a good and comfortable bench cushion results.
  7. It is wise to measure all together like the cushions in one seating so that you will be able to prevent any problem in re sizing your cushion.
  8. After the sewing and inserting the foam you need to put some designs like pre made decorations for fabric.
  9. It is very good to put buttons or other pre designed decorations for the new project that you made. Enjoy and relax at the same time.

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