How to Use Essential Oils for Energy

Essential oils have a variety of uses, from therapeutic massages baths to scented perfumes. Some people even rely on essential oils as an alternative healing method. The oils can prove excellent for reducing nervous tension, muscular pains and stress. Knowing the right types of oils to use can prove effective in influencing mood and giving you energy.

1. Choose your essential oils carefully. You will find many different kinds of essential oils on the market. Select essential oils proven to help increase energy levels. These include a blend of rosemary and basil, which can refresh and awaken you to your boost your energy levels in the morning or before going out in the evening. You’ll find the right scented oils when you visit

2. Use essential oils during a massage. You can always massage the oils on the bottom of your feet; over the heart; or on the bottom of your ears, shoulders, neck and forehead. Massage the oils in specific body parts, applying generous enough amounts for the proper energy boost.

3. Rub essential oil on your head for mental fatigue. Use tea tree oil, which helps circulate blood flow to the brain and proves good for weak immune system. You will get an extra boost after a long day of overworking or when experiencing jet lag.

4. Inhale an energy-boosting blend. You can also inhale essential oils to increase energy and give you focus by decreasing stress. Blend a mixture of rosemary, peppermint or basil, and inhale through a small diffuser bottle.

5. Turn your bath time into an energy-infusing spa experience. Drop three to eight drops of a citrus or peppermint essential oil into your bathwater. This is a great way to relax at the end of the day and give you enough energy for the next morning. You can even add sea salts to make the bath more relaxing. Sea salts also help relieve muscle aches.

6. Add several drops of essential oils to your body wash and lotion. This can give you that quick energy boost at work or for an evening date. It also can give your skin a natural radiant glow.

7. Keep peppermint and lemon essential oils at work. When you start to feel stressed, open a bottle and take a slow whiff. A few drops on a handkerchief works great as well. Essential oil can work even better than coffee. You can also mist your own room with essential oils. Mix in a few drops of essential oils with water and a few tablespoons of vodka in a spray bottle, and you will have your own aromatic room fresheners.

8. Try different oils and blends to see which works with your body. Visit your local health stores and ask for more information about different oils. Experiment and experience different types of aromatherapy every day.

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