How to Build a Dog Box for a Truck

Dog is man’s best friend, we say. Each person that has a dog will say that the dog is much more – it is a part of the family. We live with the dog since it’s a small puppy till the time when it gets old and ill. We spend some marvelous 10 -15 years with it and for us, it is a real member of the family. Our day begins with the dog’s walk and finishes with it. We are choosing every week delicious food for it; we take it to the doctor when it’s ill and suffer with it. We even hate to refer to the dog as “it”. For us the dog is “he” or “she” as it is definitely having a personality.

Naturally, when we travel, we love being with the funniest member of the family. Sometimes it is not that easy. In order to be able to take the dog with us wherever we go, we must first make some preparation. When buying a truck, you probably have thought that your problem is solved, as there is enough of place for the dog inside. We are sure that you have changed your mind after the first trip with your friend who is not very keen on sitting disciplined in the truck but rather jumping everywhere around you. In this case what you have to do is build a dog box for the truck.

Build a Dog Box

Here are some advices to help you build your first dog box. You have to have several things on your mind when doing this. First of all, as your pet is a living creature, it needs to have some normal conditions in the box, such as enough of air to breathe, enough of space to sit or lie comfortably at least for one or two hours. Next thing is that the box has to be steadily secured to the truck. You then choose the right materials for the box – it could be wood or polyurethane/vinyl for example. The next thing we have to decide is the measure and the plan of the box. Most boxes are 24 inches wide, 39 inches long and 22 inches high. Of course, everything is dependent on the size of your dog. What is good for the Labrador will not be very comfortable for the Yorkie. You need to cut the material as according to the plan you have and make the ventilation holes. Assembling is easy when you have a plan, don’t forget to make the interior in a way that will be comfortable for your dog. In order to do that, you may put a wooden floor, carpet, a pillow…  And the last thing to make sure is that the front panel can get closed safely. You have to be certain that when driving, the dog will be in a secure place, not wandering around your feet. You then secure the box to the truck. It can be easily done by bolts. If you wish, you may also decorate the box.

If you have followed our advices, you must have now in front of you a decent dog box. Test it first without the dog. Make sure everything is OK and that there is enough of fresh air inside. If everything seems fine to you, make your first ride with the dog inside. Make the first one short, so the dog is not stressed. If it is successful, get ready for longer rides.

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About the Author: Fred Goodson has a passion for pets and animals. He has 4 dogs and is planning to have another one. He is also a blogger who writes about pets and animals. Currently, he is living in New Jersey.

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