How to Block Caller ID ?

You now have the option to block your number from displaying on the ‘caller id’ of a guy you are calling by just entering an easy code.

You can block the phone number permanently or temporarily from the phone. The selection is yours however the steps are different. There might be certain charges if you want to enjoy the benefits of this special service. This operation can be done on both cell phones and land lines.

The choice is left to you to block the number permanently or you can ensure only those numbers will be displayed which have been selected by you. There are quite a few codes that do not show the phone number on the ‘caller ID’. There are some codes that even display the phone number for that moment of time. The number *82 displays your number for that moment of time and call. These numbers may cost you more, but its worth to have it in your phone.

Caller ID

Make a call to the phone company and inform them that you want your phone number to be blocked from the caller ID. Do tell them that you want this service applicable to all your outgoing calls. After applying for this service, the phone system will not be able to display your number on any of the cell phones or land lines. The phone company may charge you for this special service. A few phone systems do not charge to it however it differs from one phone system to another phone system.

Call up *67 and then type the number you need to call and your number will not display on the ‘caller ID’ on the phone number you called.  This code may not function if the called phone number is 800,900,700 area codes (these are toll free phone numbers). The calls from the emergency services will be showing up in your phone.

Use the similar code, *67, ahead of calling the number on your phone, in order to block your cell number from being transferred to the ‘caller ID’. If you are looking to unblock the number, then call up *82 ahead of calling the number

If you want to block your phone’s ‘caller ID’ details permanently then call the customer care department of your cell phone and ask for an ID block.

When your phone number is blocked, it would always display on other people’s cell phone as ‘Private number’.

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