How to Belly Dance

Belly dancing is considered an art form. It originated in the Middle East and is an exotic and fun way to exercise and learn a new skill. You and your female friends can take this class together and share in the exciting experience of learning to belly dance while toning your body. You’ll look better than ever.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Middle Eastern music
  • Loose fitting skirt and a midriff baring top
  • A large space to dance
  • Scarves and veils
  • Dangling jewelry
  • Finger cymbals

Step 1

Get in the mood by finding workout clothes that fit the belly dancing theme. These usually include long skirt and shirts that are loose fitting and beautifully colored.

Step 2

Find some Middle-Eastern inspired music online or at a local retailer. This will help you get accustomed to the rhythm and feel of Meditteranean music.

Step 3

Warm up the body. Start with the head. Roll your head around to loosen up the beck before you begin to dance. Move to your shoulders. Roll each shoulder by itself several times; then both together. Don’t rush your warm up. Allow your body time to adjust.

Step 4

Start with your head. Move your head in clockwise circles. Make you you keep your head level and nose pointed straight. Switch to counter clockwise circles. Move your head from left to right.

Step 5

Move your shoulders in a forward, up, back down rhythm. Now move your left shoulder forward and the right shoulder should be back. Now increase the rate of these movements. This is called the shimmy. The faster your shimmy, the more you can feel it in your rib cage. This move can be use to accent any belly dancing move.

Step 6

Practice moving your torso. Slide yourself from left to right. Try to make your movements as isolated as you can. Your hips should not be moving while you are doing this. This may be a challenge at first, but as you practice you will find it easier to accomplish.

Step 7

The belly roll is the most popular move in belly dancing. Use your core muscles to pull in the top part of the stomach and then release. Immediately follow up with the same movement on the bottom half of the stomach. Repeat these two movements, one after the other, until the movements give the effect of rippling when you look at the belly.

Step 8

The next move is to learn to shimmy the hip area. The hips are an exciting part of belly dancing. All of these hip movements should be isolated as well. Raise your right hip and drop it back. Do the same for the left hip. Add your arms for visual effect.

Step 9

Practice more. Practice makes perfect.

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