How to Be Nice To Your Older Sister

Do you want to have a strong relationship with your older sister? Do you want to be closer to her? Do you want to know more about her? Do you want to get along with her the way you get along with your friends? Below are a few helpful things regarding how to be nice to your older sister:


1) Try to start a simple conversation with her. For example, approach her and ask her if you can borrow something from her (for example a pencil). If she agrees to lend you that item then thank her politely and go. In the beginning of the process do not stick around too much around her so she doesn’t feel that her personal space is being invaded.


2) Follow through with the niceties. For example, when you return the item that you borrowed from her open another small talk by asking her what television show or old movie she would like to watch now or after dinner. Then turn the television channel on that show or play that old movie. She’ll appreciate you giving way to her.

3) Check with her how her day went. She’ll appreciate your interest in her daily life. Sincerely listen to her response and from there move on to other topics that you can talk about.

4) Be nice to her. Do something nice for her everyday. You would need to be consistent with this in order for you to gain her trust. If you are only good to her at certain times then she will think that maybe you just need something from her or that you are up to something. Also, always answer her nicely.

5) Treat her like you would treat your friends. Keep her secrets and never break her trust by sharing her secret with anyone. Always watch out for her and have nothing but the best intentions for her.

6) Keep in mind how valuable she is to you. Try to think what life would be like without your older sister. This practice will make you more appreciative of her.

7) Make an effort to stay close to your older sister. Always keep the lines of communication open. It might be awkward in the beginning but in the future opening up to each other will come naturally.

8) Ensure that she always feels comfortable with your attitude. Make sure that you constantly have open discussions with her in case she has some issues concerning you.


  • Never be rude. Even if you are in a heated conversation always keep a calm and soft tone. Always treat her as your elder, so respect her as you would your elders.
  • Tell her a compliment each day. This will put a smile on her face as well as boost her confidence and morale.


  • In the beginning of the relationship-building process she might think its weird and she may not be willing to talk with you. Don’t let that hinder you from getting close to her. Look for different things to talk about like the shows that you like, the latest fashion, and the like. In due time your conversations will flow more smoothly!

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About the Author: Roberta Southworth is a psychiatrist by profession. She likes to help out people by writing informative tips on how people can to solve their family and relationship issues. She is currently staying in Ireland. She has 5 years of couple counseling experience.

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