How to be in the Audience for Project Runway

Project Runway, a fashion TV reality show, features potential and competitive designers aiming to win a prize. Each week showcases challenges for the hopefuls to come up with their own designs and show them off to the judges. Spectators have the chance to take a look at the designers’ show. You can learn so many things as you observe the process of how this show operates. To secure a spot in the audience, follow these tips.


  • To start, you have to know the flow of the show. It typically starts with 12 to 16 designers. Each week the designers have to meet a challenge, typically a task that involves creating a new design. Tim Gunn, a fashion mentor, helps them decide in which direction to go. Once the time frame for creating expires, the designers then parade their creation and the judges score them. They will combine all their scores for each participant and announce the winner for the week. The winner will win a prize and proceed to the next week’s round, and the loser leaves the show.

  • Keep track of and know more about the Fashion Week schedule. Fashion Week gives designers the chance to show off their own creation in front of an international panel of judges. The designers create their new look and creations at home, and then they present at least 10-12 during Fashion Week. The designers will have to choose the models, makeup, hair and shoes. The judges will declare a winner at the end of the show and award that person a prize—plus they get their rights.
  • You should know who the judges are. The show has different judges each week known as experts in the fashion field, such as Heidi Klum (a fashion model), Nina Garcia (a fashion editor), and Michael Kors (a fashion designer). Judges come from all over the world. Guest judges provide comments and ask questions of the designers about their creation so the audience learns about the inspiration and concept behind those creations.
  • You should also learn the basics of sewing. You can most likely relate to and understand the challenges of each participant if you know a little about sewing. Observe carefully how designers work with different kinds of fabric and the variety of sewing technique they use, such as hand sewing and using a sewing machine. Watch them as they catch up with the challenges the judges give them each week. Developing your knowledge might inspire your dreams. Enjoy the show, and don’t forget the learning aspect.

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