How to Bake Meringue

The main product which is selling the best and places the top position ever is nothing but the food stuffs. The chocolates and biscuits or cookies are the most important among them. This is due to the availability of children all over the world. Even youngsters used to have them in a large quantity. Everyone likes to have them daily as their Tiffin since they are giving them energy. Cookies are good for health as it contains energy stuffs in it.

Even if you can’t take your meal that day, you can have some cookies in order to gain energy. That’s why the parties and meetings are filled with tea and cookies. Cookies are the most favorite of many children and they love them very much. Cookies are very good for their health and helps in their growth. Even babies can be given cookies in their meal. They will be easily digested by the digestive system and cause no problems for their health.

Even there are cookies for sugar patients as they contain no much sugar in them. There are also cookies which are fats and carbohydrates free in them. There are many varieties of cookies available and the taste also differs. There are ordinary cookies, special treats with jams, sweet cookies, etc. Children of different ages like the special treats very much. They also love to have sweet cookies in a large quantity. Parents used to place two or three packets of cookies as their evening food for their children.

Meringue is one of the verities of cookies which are made especially for summer times. You can make them in your home at any time and serve your children. You can preserve it for about five days and you can eat them well. The following tips help you in preparing meringue at your home. First get your oven ready and check for any malfunctioning in the beginning itself.

You should start doing the process only after getting everything ready at your hand. Switch on the oven and set its heating condition at 200 degrees which is enough for baking meringue cookies. Then take the flour which is the main ingredient for making any cookie. The flour should be fresh and good so that you can get good taste from them. Then add four to five eggs to it and you should only put the white part of the eggs and don’t use yellow part in it.

Then mix them with the help of electrical mixer so that you can forcedly mix them. Stir them continuously and constantly for sometime so that the eggs are very well combined with the flour. Then add sugar and mix them again. Then take a spoon and place the mixed flour in the oven of about one inch size. Once the cookies are boiled take them and serve to children.

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About the Author: Leona Kesler is a head-chef at a very popular food restaurant in New York. Also she is a blogger who shares her experiences, tips, and other informative details about food and cooking. Her recipes are featured on many magazines.

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