How to Avoid Fruit Tree Diseases

Fruit trees that grow pitted fruits, such as cherries, plums, or peaches, are the most susceptible tree for diseases and pestilence, which can be serviced by professionals like pest control richmond va, than any other variety of trees.

The fruits are no doubt delicious and enjoyable, but the issues that they face can be a real pain to anyone who owns or has planted a pitted fruit tree. I enjoy walking through my backyard again because of the mosquito control companies I’ve contacted for garden care.

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Brown Rot is the most common disease discussed when it comes to these fruit trees. It is caused by excessive amounts of moisture buildup on the branches and fruits. Basically, Brown Rot is a fungus that not only can grow on leftover fruit that was never picked, but it can find its way onto the new fruits. It is a disgusting malady and unless you enjoy eating fruit with fungus growing on it, you will end up having to throw all the affected fruit away. Regular tree trimming or tree pruning will help prevent the spread of Brown Rot, as you will be eliminating areas where moisture can accumulate. If any affected fruit has fallen to the ground, it is wise to rid of those immediately, since the fungus can still spread and cause further damage.

Another type of malady is called a cytospora canker. This appears on the branches of the tree as a gross soft, dark area. Through the bark, a large callus forms and gum sticks out. The cause of these cankers usually originates from an existence of older wounds found on the tree. When pruning your tree, let the wounds heal naturally as opposed to using a dressing that can be found in garden stores. Not only is the dressing not very effective, but it takes away from the natural appearance of the tree.

If you have a plum tree, you may be familiar with a disease referred to as Black Knot. This is characterized by roughly textured black tumors appearing on the branches. If you notice these, you’ll need professional tree services to have the entire branch be cut off immediately. Also, if you usually use branches as part of a mulch mixture, do not use these branches; if they are within a certain reach of the tree, the disease can spread right back to it.

A common disease of cherry trees is called Cherry Leaf Spot. You will find this in the dead leaves that have been accumulating on the ground for some time. Fortunately, this problem is easy to get rid of. All that needs to be done is rake up the leaves on the ground and properly dispose of them. Again, if you plan to use them in mulch, make sure there is no sign of the disease beforehand.

Whenever you notice that your tree’s fruits are ready to be picked, it is recommended that you complete all of your picking in 2 weeks. Check the tree on a daily basis to look for any new fruits. If fruit is left there for too long, it will attract wasps and bees which will become dependent on your tree, leading to new sorts of problems.

Gardeners are bound to face and deal with diseases affecting their trees. Yet if you take the appropriate precautionary measures, you can either avoid them all or have to deal with very few.

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