How to Arrange a Camping Holiday

When you have a little more money to spend, you can start casting; your net wider, yet still get the very best deals possible. For example, camping holidays are very cheap and can be great fun for adults and children alike to experience many great outdoor adventures. If you have never been camping, or the last time you went was many years ago, you’ll find everything has become much easier and more convenient these days. Tents are now very easy to erect, and you can buy them new at very low prices. Alternatively, you could buy one second-hand or even borrow one from a friend.

It is amazing how easy, cheap and comfortable camping can be and to make it possible you may like to view this portable toilet reviews australia to add more convenience on your camping experience and adventure. There are some other sites that have this Plastic portable toilet or toilet blocks where you can take hot showers and wash your clothes. For a small extra fee, you may be able to hire an electric ‘hook-up’ to your tent, so that you can use electrical appliances such as hairdryers or kettles in the comfort of your tent Also, if you have a car, you can find all kinds of gadgets that will run from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. For a good night’s sleep, an inflatable mattress is essential (a beach lilo could do the job), and you can get away without a sleeping bag by using a duvet instead.

Small, disposable barbecues, which are available from many supermarkets and camping shops, are ideal for cooking quick meals near your tent and save splashing out on expensive meals in cafes or restaurants. On my last camping trip, we used them to cook veggie burgers and sausages in buns in the evenings, and toasted teacakes in the mornings. Many sites run shops where you can purchase useful outdoor accessories as well as any essentials you might have missed or could have spoiled on you on the way there such as milk, butter and bread, and they may also let you put your cooler-bag ice-packs in their freezer. Campsite owners are usually very friendly and helpful, and will give you all sorts of useful tips for making your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. And although tents are very easy to erect these days, you can often hire a tent that is already erected and equipped for you if you prefer. Some ‘chalet’ tents are very luxurious – it all depends on your budget. These usually need to be booked in advance, so check with the site owner first.

Facilities differ greatly between campsites: some sites are small and quiet, and others are large, energetic places with clubhouses, cafes and playgrounds for children. Some sites have indoor or outdoor swimming pools, and some welcome dogs. You can also choose from a wide variety of locations, from woodlands to beach sites. Many campsites are situated in beautiful countryside, popular resorts or places of historic interest.

Camping is a flourishing business: there are many well-equipped and organised campsites all over the UK, and many more abroad. For a few pounds a night, you can enjoy exciting holidays that everyone will remember, whether you are a family looking for lots of activities, entertainment and adventure, or a couple looking for romance and alfresco meals under the stars.

There is an enormous amount of information on the internet. You can find others by keying the word ‘camping’ into any search engine. Some websites display colour photos so that you can get a more accurate impression of the sites and their facilities.

If your budget will stretch a little further, you might consider staying in a caravan which in case it needs to be fixed, you can buy cheap parts if you check out here. These can be amazingly cheap if you go in a group and split the cost between you. Many sited caravans these days have every modern convenience, from separate bedrooms and a comfortable lounge and kitchen to flushing toilets and hot showers. Touring caravans are another option, although the cost of caravan hire, petrol, insurance and parking will push up the budget considerably. If you take the caravan abroad, you will also have to take into account the cost of passage overseas (by ferry or tunnel) and motorway tolls.

If you decide to make camping or caravanning a regular pastime, then joining a camping or caravan club could be useful. In addition to providing lots of helpful advice and information, these clubs often give discounts to members, which could help you recoup your membership fee and keep your holiday costs to a minimum. There are others, however, and you should shop around because membership fees and discounts vary. If you have access to the internet, simply key the words ‘camping club’ into a search engine and you will find many more clubs to try.

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