How to Apply the Law of Attraction in Your Daily Life

The Law of Attraction has a basic principle: whatever you focus your eyes on, you will attract it. It doesn’t matter whether it is something that you want or you don’t want. When you focus on debt, for example, you will have more debt. If you focus on not finding something, you will not find it. If you blame your spouse for losing his job, it will be hard for him to find a job and you will end up blaming him even more. At the same time, if you focus on success, the universe will find ways for you to be successful and you certainly will. If you focus on earning a lot, you will be surprised that unexpected earning opportunities will come your way; however, the application of Law of Attraction is not easy and it takes a lot practice to perfect it.

  • Write down how much you want to earn or what type of spouse you’d like to end up with. Be realistic and make sure it is something attainable in a short period of time. If you want to earn a certain amount, start with something small. Give yourself a deadline. Example: “I want to earn $3,000 in 30 days starting today”. Write that statement  on an index card or in your handy notebook so you can read it anytime. Don’t forget to put the start date and the end date. It’s important to keep this information handy, or if you can memorize it, the better.

  • Believe that you will have what you’re asking for. Never doubt for a moment that you will not have it. The Law of Attraction ceases to be effective if you have doubt in your mind. Do not question where you will get the money 30 days from now. Believe that you will have it.
  • Visualize yourself having or owning already what is it that you want. Imagine yourself feeling it and imagine your life with surrounded by everything that you want. Start living it in your imagination and train your mind to think of it all the time.
  • Feel the emotions that you’ll feel once you already have what you want. It is important that you actually manifest the feelings right now and not tomorrow. Feelings play an important role in giving you what you want and Law of Attraction responds to your feelings. If you want to be beautiful, believe and feel that you are beautiful. What do you feel when everyone turns his head when he sees you?
  • Be grateful for what you already have and for what it is that you are asking for. The most effective way to do this is to list everything that you are grateful for and recite them when you wake up in the morning and when you retire at night. A grateful person feels good about what he has and appreciates those around him. Being grateful charges the positive person in you and Law of Attraction responds to the positive energy that you release.
  • Practice these things daily until it becomes second nature to you. Also, watch out for some random ideas that pop in your mind that will help you reach your goal. The Law of Attraction opens windows of opportunities to those who have strong desires for what they want. The Law of Attraction will literally feed your mind with ways to achieve your goals. When these ideas come to you, embrace them.

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About the Author: Alan Kennon lives a very happy life with two kids and a lovely wife. He likes to share his life time experiences with others about how they can improve their lifestyle and personality.

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