How to Attract Anything or Any Person We Like Through Law of Attraction

It is human nature to want more in life: more money, bigger houses, fancier cars, more travel opportunities, even more popularity; however, most people are so focused on the end goals that they would do anything to achieve their goals — even if it means stepping on other people’s shoes.

Law of Attraction states that we attract things and people who are like us through vibration levels and through our thoughts and emotions. Law of Attraction is real and happens to all of us everyday. There are times when you think of someone, that person suddenly calls you and you catch yourself saying, “I was just thinking about you!” That is Law of Attraction in the works! But how exactly do we attract anything or any persons whom we like?

  • Always feel good about yourself. In short, always stay positive. Negative and angry people stay in the zone of being angry longer than usual; they release negative vibrations to the world that attract negative people or negative events to them. When you find yourself depressed, angry, or feeling negative over something, snap out of it right away. The quicker you get out of that emotion, the faster you revert to being positive. If escape is harder, pause and try to meditate. Remember that you attract whatever vibrations you release through your emotions.
  • List down things that you appreciate about yourself. You will easily get in the positive flow if you have great appreciation for yourself. Create a list on a daily basis, ideally as soon as you wake up in the morning, and make it a habit to recite your list throughout the day. Face the mirror, look at yourself, and recite your list. This may sound a bit funny for others but it will actually have significant impact in your day.
  • Know that everything that you want is out there waiting for you. If you’ve been looking for a life partner who is also your soul mate, you have to know — and believe — that that person is out there, somewhere. He is ready for you, you just have to find him. You have to trust the universe that it hears your voice and reads your thoughts and in fact will give you your ideal partner in life.
  • Visualize what you want or who you want to meet. If you have specific qualities of your ideal partner, list down these qualities and fix your eyes in an image of someone who possesses these qualities. You’d be in for a surprise when you finally meet someone who embodies your perfect life partner. At the same time, if you’ve been eyeing that white iPhone for so long, fix your mind into owning it. Imagine that you actually have it — holding it, playing apps, and reading a book through Kindle. Imagine how great it feels to own it.
  • Practice gratitude. A person who is grateful — to God or to the universe or to Allah, whatever his faith is — is someone who is closer to the source of all the blessings. Everyday, be grateful for everything that you have and will have. Give thanks to the universe for good health, great family, unlimited sources of wealth, and a sleek iPad even if you don’t have it yet. Being grateful makes you focus on the good things and drives positive emotions to yourself. Gratitude also brings happiness into your life and will make your desires come true.

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About the Author: Alan Kennon lives a very happy life with two kids and a lovely wife. He likes to share his life time experiences with others about how they can improve their lifestyle and personality.

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