How to Apply Eye Makeup To Enlarge Eyes

Things You’ll Need:

  • Eyelash curler
  • Eye liner
  • Two to three shades of eye shadow
  • Mascara Brow brush

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Step 1

You need to start with a clean face. Wash your face as you normally would and allow to dry naturally and completely.

Step 2

Prepare you eyelashes. Do this by taking the eyelash curler and gently curl the lashes. Do this one eye at a time. Curling the eyelashes make the lashes fuller and more attractive. This aids in the creating the illusion that the eyes are bigger than they naturally are. Make sure your eyelash curler is clean and has been sanitized. Be cautious of using other people’s utensils as this may cause a spread of fungi or bacteria if it isn’t sanitary. If you don’t like the results and would like more prominent eyelashes, you could get a professional Eyelash Extensions Fill treatment. This would make the process of curling them easier, and the end result would look much better.

Step 3

Use a brown or black eye pencil to outline the actual shape of your eye. Start with the pencil at the corner of each eye. Work from the outside in. Start with your bottom lashes first. Stop when you reach the middle point. Blend the rest of the line into the inside corner of the eye. You don’t need to make a harsh line. The penciling in thickens the boarder line of the eye. This gives the eye pop and dimension.

Step 4

Use the same black or brown pencil to line your top eyelid. Start at the outside corner of your eyelid and work your way to the cent of the lid. Stop there and blend the line to completely cover the rest of the lid. Black eyeliner will work if you want a smoky look. Experiment with colors and shades.

Step 5

Use a dark or medium shade of eyeshadow. You are free to use any color you choose. Place the dark or medium shade eyeshadow right at the corner of your eye in a v shape. Apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow over the rest of the eye lid. A shimmery eyeshadow can be used to highlight just above the eyebrow. This creates the illusion of space and enhances the appearance of enlarged eyes. If this still doesn’t work, eyelid strips is a game changer for those with hooded eyes. There are countless shades, colors and varieties of eyeshadow and eye pencils. It is always a benefit to have an array of colors on hand for use.

Step 6

The final step is mascara application or get at lash lift training online and keep them as if they had mascara all the time. If you got lash extensions, applying black or brown mascara will certainly enhance the look of your eyes.  Begin with your top lashes. Start from the base of the eyelashes. Come the mascara through the lashes until they are fully and evenly coated. Lightly and carefully coat the bottom lashes. Hold the applicator wand  vertical to the bottom lashes to separate and coat each lash. You may use a mini fine toothed brown brush to get rid of any clumps of mascara that may have formed during application. This step adds volume to the eyes.

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