How to Age Wood

Many a times it happens that one wants to make something using old wood but the wood which is available is new. You want the wood to antique as if it came from an old store and not from one of the new home stores. There are many do it yourself ways to age wood so that it has a weathered and a worn out look. You can use these methods to make the wood look old irrespective of the project you have in mind.


Items Needed:

  • Coffee
  • Wood
  • Brush

How to Age Wood

Step 1

Make a strong cup of coffee. The coffee should be stronger than the level that you would like to drink.

Step 2

Pour the coffee in a container. The container should be bigger than the wood you want to age. The coffee should be poured in a less amount.

Step 3

Put the wood in the container containing the coffee.

Step 4

Remove the wood from the container and the coffee after it has been soaked for the desired amount.

Step 5

Put this soaked sheet in an empty and dry container. Be careful by doing this and do not tear the wood.

Step 6

To add an effect sprinkle few grains of instant coffee on the wood. This is optional and should be done if one wants to. Make sure that you so not smear them.

Step 7

Blot the excess coffee from the wood after it has melted on it. You can do this with a tissue or a napkin. Again ensure it does not smear.

Step 8

Place it properly so that it can dry. If you need it quickly you can also use a hair dryer for this. Once dried completely you can use it.


This method can be used to age wood for collages and projects and also for making greeting cards for special occasions.

Aging Wood


Ensure that you use a good quality wood to get the best results. The coffee should be very strong to get the desired results. Handle the wet wood carefully and do not rip it off. If using instant coffee for effect, ensure you do not smear it and remove the excess coffee carefully. Let the wood dry completely before you use it.

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