How to Adorn a Candle

Candle adornment is something that one has to enjoy. It enables you to convert a simple candle into a beautiful piece of artwork. Besides, you may also use this as a source of income. Selling decorating candles is a business that just requires some creativity and a very low capital.

There are many different methods in which you can adorn your candles. You may use a variety of materials and ways to adorn. Some easy methods to help you convert your plain candle into a lovely piece of adornment are:

  • Use paints to adorn your candles. You may actually adorn your candles by painting them. You may use artist acrylics for the same. These paints are water-based. They are fairly easy to use. Take a wet paintbrush and use it directly on the candles. It is the easiest way to refine your candle and any other adornments may be added on this colored candle.

  • Beads can be used to adorn your candle. One of the most conventional and beautiful adornments used in adorning a candle is a bead. You can get some seed beads, wooden beads or even shaped beads. Using beads, you can adorn a candle in three different ways. You can either simply press the beads inside the candle. Do this by warming the candle a bit and pressing the beads. You may also use wire wraps for the same. If you have pillar candles, then this is the best method. Put the wire in the beads and then roll it around the candle. In the third way, you may simply bead the candle-holder to adorn your candle. This is the perfect way for you if you want to adorn your candles without ruining the simplicity of the candle.
  • Use tissue to adorn your candles. Adorning candles with tissues is also a good way. Take the tissue paper and adorn it in any way and design that you like. Now, you have to attach the paper to the candle. Make use of a heat gun to melt the paper and attach it. The wax will play the role of glue cum sealer. Adorning candles by tissue paper takes a little time but it definitely gives the candle a unique and wonderful look.
  • Stamp your candles to adorn them. In the last method, you can make use of stamps to adorn your candle. In this process, you will require a candle, stamps, markers, ink, heat/embossing gun, as well as tissue paper. Put ink on the stamp using a marker or some ink. Stamp the tissue paper in any pattern you want with this stamp. Just as in the tissue method, use a heat/embossing gun to attach the paper onto the candle. After the wax melts, the paper will absorb not only the candle wax but also the stamp design. Allow it to cool for some time after which your work is over.

These are some famous and popular methods of adorning your candles. You are most welcome to be as creative as you can be and use many different materials in adorning. The only thing you require is interest and flair in the work and you will have beautiful, adorned candles.

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