How to Add New Media file on your IPod without Losing Old One

Downloading videos and songs with an ipod and apple’s itunes has always been a difficult job. If you have the habit of downloading media files constantly then you should not be stormed when you see the older files missing. When you connect the ipod to the computer then the contents of the media library of the ipod with the contents of itunes will be automatically synchronized by the program. This is why certain videos and songs that are not in the itunes but are present in ipod will not show up. It will be deleted automatically. It’s a big headache right? The following are certain instructions that should be followed in order to protect the videos and songs that were downloaded by you.

  • First your ipod should be connected to the computer. You should make use of a data cable in order to connect the ipod to the dektop or laptop. You should wait until you computer recognizes that the ipod is attached to it.

  • Then you have to connect to the itunes. The itunes window will be automatically opened when you connect the ipod to the computer. But if it is not opening then you should do it manually. The left of the itunes window will contain the ipod icon. This will be listed under “devices”. You should click the icon. Tabs will appear on top of the window.
  • Then “summary tab” should be selected. Once this is done then 4 boxes will appear at main window’s bottom. These will contain options. Click on ” manually manage videos and music”. This program will enable you to update the library of ipod without deleting its old contents. The “open itunes when this ipod is connected” option can also be clicked. By doing this you need not connect to the itunes manually whenever you connect the ipod to the computer. Inorder to save the settings you have to click “apply” which is present at bottom of  main itunes window.
  • Then you should download the media files. You should go to left of the itunes window. The “library” tab will be present. Click on that then you choose “music” or “songs”. Video or audio files will also be appearing at the middle of main windows of itunes. Then the video or song that you want to be present in your ipod should be selected. This should be dragged to ipod icon which is present under “devices”. This is at the left of main windows of itunes.
  • Then the ipod should be disconnected from the computer. You should wait until all the downloads are being completed before every window is closed. Then ipod icon should be found in the desktop. You should right click on this and select eject. Then the ipod should be disconnected from the computer.

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