How to Add Music Files on your Blackberry

Nowadays the blackberry phone is becoming the craze of people. This electronic gadget has become a choice for many as it has so many features. Apart from the basic functions of phone it also renders video, corporate access to data, music, email and Wi-Fi. This phone is very attractive to individuals who are always busily working. Some of the users of blackberry are attracted towards the music functions in this phone. This is because the music files can be easily transferred from the computer or laptop to the blackberry mobile. For the people who are new to this blackberry should read the following instructions:

  • First you should turn off the blackberry. Then the cover which is behind the blackberry should be removed so that a card called micro media secure digital card can be installed.

  • Then that card should be installed. This should be done in the following way. First the battery should be removed. Then the digital card holder which will hold the card should be unlocked. Then the media secure card is put in this area. Then the card holder is secured, the battery is put back and then back cover is also secured.
  • Then the blackberry should be connected to the computer. This can be done with the help of a chord which connects the phone with the USB port of the computer.
  • Then the blackberry folder should be opened. You should go to the start in the laptop or desktop and then click my computer. Then the blackberry icon should be clicked. This folder contains all the contents in the blackberry folder namely videos, pictures, files, ringtones and music.
  • Then the music files should be opened. Then the folder which contains the music files should be opened in another window. Then the music files needed by you should be selected.
  • The music files should be transferred. You should right click on the music or file and transfer it. Then “copy” should be selected. Then the blackberry music folder should be opened and then right click in this folder and select “paste”. You can also simply drag your files into the blackberry folder. This is an easiest way. This should be done until all the files are transferred.
  • Then the blackberry should be disconnected from the computer. After transferring all the files every window should be closed. Then you should go to the toolbar and then look for blackberry icon. Then you should right click on it and eject should be selected. Then the chord will be disconnected. This procedure should be followed if you want to prevent the blackberry from getting damaged.

The following instructions are for the mac users. They should follow the 1st 3 steps and continue the below:

First you should go to the desktop and find “no name” hard disk. Then you should double click on it to open.

The blackberry folder should be opened which contains all music files. Then you should go to the music folder.

Then the folder for mac music should be opened in another window.

The songs which you want in your blackberry folder should be selected. This should be done until all the songs have been transferred.

After transferring all the songs then you should close all the windows. Then go to desktop and find “no name”. Right click on it and select eject. So everyone enjoy with your blackberry phones.

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