How to Access Free Wi-Fi

Everyone uses computers. With the popularity of social networking on the rise, it seems more than ever that people absolutely find it hard to stay off the internet. There are places where you can access the internet for free. Some businesses give internet access to their customers free as a courtesy. ‘

This free internet access allows you to gain access to the web to check emails, check your social networking sites and more. Having access to free wi fi means a bill that is eliminated. This access doesn’t require payment. Even local government is offering wi fi  free to people. Here is how you can access wi fi for free. Read on for more information.


Step 1

Do you research? Some famous chains like McDonalds, Barnes & Nobles, Burger King and other places offer wi fi to their customers free. If you go inside, there is usually a posting in the restaurant about offering wi fi for free. If you need help ask an employee what information you need to connect the wi fi there for free. There will be a password that you must use. Search to see if there are any places close to you that also offer wi fi use for free. Libraries, Rest Stops and more have wi fi now. It’s immensely popular to offer and so businesses are catching on to this new trend.

Step 2

Most airports offer passengers free internet access. If you can a place you can pasrk near the airport, you may be able to connect to one of the networks close by. Continental, American and other airlines extend this courtesy to customers. Some even offer wi fi in flight free of charge. While you’re flying you can use the internet if it’s safe to use any wireless devices.

Step 3

Most hotels and lodging places give free wi fi to people staying there. For guests, the hotel usually offers a code and access to make sure the customer enjoys this convenience.  The wi fi may also be available to people in the lobby area. You may ask hotel staff about the password to connect directly to the internet.

Step 4

If you are driving an RV and you are at a campground, you may also have free wi fi. You can get dial up internet or go wireless at a lot of campgrounds. Ask the employees for more information.

Step 5

If you go on vacation, rental spaces offer free wi fi. Some may even have the computer for you to take advantage of as well. Consult with the management company to find out which options they offer.

Step 6

Libraries and other government places may have free wi fi.

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