How to Write a Good Annual Report

An annual report serves as a record of an organization’s performance and operations throughout the preceding year. These reports prove vital, as they provide a great opportunity to improve the organization’s image, attract more interest and give the establishment a new competitive strategy. A great annual report allows investors to learn about the organization’s growth and future plans. It provides a story about how the company functioned in the past year by helping those reading the review see the big picture with an outlook toward the future.

  • Place the letter from the President or CEO of the company in the front of the report. Ensure that it includes insight regarding the organization’s achievements during the previous year and formally addresses the shareholders or stock owners of the establishment.

  • Highlight the organization’s accomplishments. Look back at goals set in the previous report and describe which of these have the company met. A good annual report also states why these goals proved important. Include articles about the number of people the organization helped, the level of community support and other accomplishments of the past year. You may include colorful photos and people’s individual but related stories to make the annual report more interesting.
  • Add in the financial data of the organization. Meet with the finance advisers and get accountancy services in the UK to review the company’s financial performance. Discuss what information to include in the annual report. You may also summarize notable increases or decreases from year to year. The financial status of the organization will help guide future potential shareholders and investors.
  • Share financial details. People who invested want to know how the organization used the money. Include details about finances by creating charts and graphs showing how the company used and distributed their investment.
  • Get personal. Provide a brief biography of the organization’s officers. Include not only the officers but also a few profiles of employees at every level in the organization. Include pictures of each employee if possible. Make sure you provide positive information so as to gain the trust of the shareholders and attract other more investors.
  • Give credit. Include recognition of investors and shareholders. Use graphs and charts explaining where the organization got its funding and how the company used the money. Make sure readers can understand all the information easily.
  • Provide future goals of the organization. Mention upcoming projects and activities, and include predictions and possible accomplishments in the coming months.
  • Have a professional proofread this very important report. Double-check the spelling and all content. If your organization does not have a good writer, you may need to do the work yourself or hire an outside professional on a one-time basis. Have other people proofread the report before submission as well and correct any necessary mistakes.
  • Double-check the report’s accuracy. Check in with the organization’s accountant about any incorrect numbers. Any error can damage an organization’s credibility and image. Let the organization’s lawyer make sure you present the correct facts.

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