How to Verify the Verizon Wireless Phone Numbers

With help of Verizon wireless we can make calls and send text messages to another Verizon wireless user without any charge for these services. The calls made and the text messages sent between the Verizon users is not charged. In order to use this free service we should make sure that the user we are trying to contact is a Verizon wireless user. In case we contact a person who is not a Verizon wireless user from our Verizon mobile we would be charged as per the regular plan for very call we make and every message we sent. In order to check whether the number we are going to contact is a Verizon wireless phone number we have to follow the following steps.


The first step is that we have to log on to the Verizon wireless number website. The easy way of checking the Verizon wireless number is using the internet. We have to navigate in the page and have to find out the company’s mobile to mobile family calling page. We find this page by typing the search content in the search engine. We have to click on the results to go to the webpage.

The next step is we have to type in the numbers we wish to check. There would be three text fields available in the webpage we have to type in the ten digit number in these field. We have to be very careful when we while typing the number. We have to enter the number without making any mistake. We must not forget to separate the number with hyphen. The first three digit has to be separated then the next three digit and finally the final four digits. For example: 031-543-5876.

After entering the numbers we have to submit it to the website. Before submitting the numbers we have to cross check the number and then submit it. This is done by clicking the submit button. We have to wait for the results.

The next step is that we have to check for the results. The result page will load and the details of our number we inquired will appear. The result will be saying whether the number we typed is Verizon number or not.

After checking the number we asked for, a window will appear which will ask whether we wish to check another number. In case we wish to type another number we have to click on the link and we will be directed to the page in which we have to type another number. We have to repeat the previous steps to check the numbers. After checking the numbers we can list them and make use of them.

Thus after checking the numbers we can contact our friends and relatives using Verizon wireless numbers and we can make a call and send a text message free of cost.

Thus a Verizon wireless number user can make call or send text message to another user under free of cost. Before that we have to make sure that we have subscribed for the plan. In case we haven’t subscribed we can do that by logging into the Verizon webpage. Mobile devices continue to take over the screen coverage and it is increasingly important to accommodate for responsive web design. In Australia, just about half of all vistors use variable screen resolution, shown by Mobile responsive design has never been critical.

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