How to Use SMART Board

Learning techniques are advancing with the times. Smart technologies have a new product called How to Use SMART Boards. This product combines traditional teaching with new technology. It is made to help students by making the learning process more interactive by involving the students in the process.

It makes the experience hands on. SMART Boards are used in tandem with overhead projectors and these are hooked up to a computer unit. Notes, full lessons, programs, art and more that are stored to the computer system can be shown via the overhead projector using Smart Boards. Video and documents can be displayed as well. Here is how to use Smart Boards. Read on for more information.

Necessary Items:

  • Computer
  • Smart Board
  • Overhead Projector


Step 1

Follow the prompts to orient your SMART Board screen. Do this by choosing the icon that will complete this task. It is located in the lower right hand corner of the board screen. Click orient and select the calibration. Follow all prompts. SMART Board can be written on at this point.

Step 2

Play around with the functions. You can use your finger to write script on the board. The programs that are connected to the SMART board can now be accessed with ease. Log on to the internet to look up information and to verify facts in a matter of minutes. Links can be embedded for references and fact checking. Students can use this to when they are learning and making their personal notes.

Step 3

Figure out how the tools work.  The SMART board has the “Floating Tools”. This is able to be fully customized. You can make the words and texts stand out by highlighting them. You can point as you go long to help students. You can pin point important points in the lesson as well.

Step 4

If you need other assistance, you can use videos, programs that are already loaded into the SMART board tools. There are more extras that can be downloaded via the internet. There are also websites that suggest different ways to use the programs to help student learn with ease. This is a great way to find out how you can maximize the use of your SMART board.

Step 5

Show the student show to work the SMART Board. This will definitely show the student that this tool will increase their learning by having them interact so closely. They will enjoy the way it works, writing on the screen and taking notes while watching the SMART board being used.  You can use photos to enhance lessons to keep their attention, use internet references to help them retain information and more.

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