How to Use Simple CGI Wrapper

CGI script (Common Gateway Interface script) is a program written in programming language such as Perl, C++ and etc. CGI is often used to process a request which is input by the user. It serves as an intermediate processor between the query and the database. For example, a user type a keyword into a searchbox, the CGI script will then process the request and the look it up in the database and output the result in the webpage.

CGI scripts were developed to help Websites interact with databases. As the internet become more and more advanced, other server side processing methods are also developed, for example Active Server Pages, Java Server Pages and Fast CGI.

CGI scripts is a piece of program that can be used to add many functions to your website for example, a chat room. The simple CGI wrapper will automatically create the scgi folder inside the public_html directory. When you add cgi scripts to this folder along with your username, your web server will recognize them as a CGI script.

The simple CGI script wrapper can be accessed in the CGI center. After you have put the script in the folder, your website visitor can view the script by going to The cgi script can also be embedded in the webpage with an <action> tag.

You should read the script installation instructions carefully because every cgi script have unique needs. You can configure each CGI script through the cPanel File Manager or command line interface.

To enable the Simple CGI Wrapper, follow the instructions below:


  • On the homepage of your cPanel, click on CGI Center under Software / Services.


  • Click Simple CGI Wrapper.

Simple CGI Wrapper

  • Your scgi-bin is now successfully set up. You can check by login to your FTP site. Every cgi script that you want to run on this server should be put inside the scgi-bin folder.

successfully set up

By following the guidelines above, you will be able to install the Simple CGI Wrapper through cPanel.

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