How to Use Quicken

Quicken is a very popular program that is used to make keeping tabs on your financial transaction easy and efficient. Their slogan says they are “America’s #1 personal finance.” All of you financial records can be kept organized and easily accessible using Quicken. All of the accounts you need to manage are available all in one place. The program comes equipped with many features that will help you simply the process of record and book keeping. Here is how you can use Quicken to keep your professional and personal financial information in order. Read on for more information.


Step 1

Select all the accounts that need to be organized and looked after using the Quicken program. Make any type of account you need inside Quicken. Make sure all accounts are represented so that the overview of your financial statements is accurate. Gather all the information you will need for every account. Current balances, statements and copies of receipts of all expenses paid up to this point. You will need to also keep track of income that you get. Include your online information to sites that you use for finances.

    Step 2

    The express feature on Quicken is an added convenience. This option can be used to make your Quicken customized. When you are using the program at first, you will be prompted to enter express setup. If you are not prompted automatically, then you should look under file and select new. The express wizard will advance you through four steps. You will need to enter you financial data at this step. Click finish after all four steps.

      Step 3

      Use the planner’s options to make documents that reflect your financial goals. Include college, retirement and more. You can also create a budget for you to adhere to in order to realize your goals.

        Step 4

        You can use Quicken to do your annual taxes as well. There is a tax feature in the menu. This will keep tabs on all of the things that are tax deductible.  If you use Turboyou’re your information can be imported to Quicken. You will see the Trubo Tax links included in Quicken. Follow the prompts.

          Step 5

          Keep tabs on all of your purchases using Quicken. Any investment you make can be categorized under investing for easy access. You can keep track of stock progress and more with Quicken. If you want to get brokerage data you can add Quicken investing service for your convenience. Quicken is an excellent tool that keep all financial information on one place for easy access and organized so that you can always so where you stand.

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