How to Use Lemon Juice to Green your Cleaning Process

As like vinegar lemon juice is used for a lot of green cleaning. Whatever you know may not be sufficient. It is better to know more ways to use those lemon juices on these green cleaning, as BlueSpring Cleaning noted. These are few usages of lemon juice on cleaning:

Bleach your stain:

You may use lemon juice for removing stains, especially for the white clothes, instead of using chemical bleach or vinegar. By adding a bottle of juice to soak the white clothes, it will get into action. Just wait for 30 minutes then it will be ready to wash the clothes, then the stains are moved. Lemon juice is used to make your white clothes whitening and also prevents graying early.

Squeezing of lemon juice will remove stains on tiles or counter top besides removing stains on clothes. Stains on tea cup or coffee cup can also be removed by using this juice. You may use this on stubborn clothes to remove stains.

Dishwasher deodorizer:

Dishwasher is to help out with the dishes. Sometimes dishwasher gets rubbish smell. But lemon juice may deodorize and it also disinfects the dishwasher.

Remover of rust:

Lemon can be used in 2 ways to remove rust. Rub the lemon on the disaster area, so that lemon juice can be squeezed out. Before scrubbing those area leave it as it is for 30 minutes. In case if this doesn’t work then you may strengthen the power of cleaning by adding more salt to the rough surface.

Drain deodorizer:

Lemon juice solves smelly problems in drain. Pour half bottle of baking soda to your drain in order to perform this job. Follow it with warm lemon juice. Before rinsing, drain with warm water and just wait for 10 minutes. Not to throw the lemon peels away. Place it after grinding it near drains. It will keep the drain odor far away.

Preventing chopping board:

Just imagine about the invisible germ that residing on chopping board. By cutting veggies, fishes, spices and meet on chopping board will make it a place to live for germs. Squeezing of lemon can be used to solve this problem. Just pour lemon juice on the chopping board. Leave as it is for 10 minutes at least before wiping excess amount of lemon juices.

As described these are few ways that you can use lemon juices, to clean. Take some risk on using lemon juice by apply it on some other cleaning process. You will come to know that it is not limited to give refreshment to you. It may also make your home smell, feel and look refreshed too.

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