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Building a website requires several skill sets and various elements. Unless you want a website with two colors, black and white, then knowing how to place colors on your site using HTML color code is very important. Colors are used for more than one purpose and they are an attracting feature that attracts visitors and keeps them returning. Applying colors using HTML color is not as difficult as you may thing and it will add pizazz and marketing appeal to the website layout.

Necessary Items:

  • Text Editor
  • Color Chart (Web Safe)
  • Internet
  • Website Hosting
  • Computer


Step 1

Browse the Internet for a color chart you can use. Most modern day computers are able to show all colors on the spectrum. However, to make sure you site is always displayed properly, and then you should opt to use web safe HTML color codes. This option makes sure that the color scheme designed is the one shown. There are various colors and shades to use. But, you don’t want to use too many colors. Select two colors that compliment each other well and then pick a color that adds dimension. Common bases colors are taupe, black, gray, and white.

Step 2

The HTML color codes are comprised of six characters. The character code is a combination of F and C and 9, 0, 3, and 6. These 6 character sets will be placed everywhere in your coding where you want those colors to appear on the face of the website.

Step 3

Select the background color. Use the HTML script “<body bgcolor=”#336699″>” and plug in the right HTML color code to the above example.

Step 4

You are able to alter all the colors of links, writing, headers and more. All you have to do is know the correct HTML code and make sure you put it in the right place. Writing can be altered with  “<font-color=”#336699″>”. So to make the color of your header different use “<h1><font color=”#336699″>Heading</font></h1>” to the code of the website.

Step 5

The headings can be customized as well. Instead of HTML use CSS (cascading style sheets). Change the code “h1 {color:#336699;}”  positions in the “<head>” and “</head>” tags in the code to the website to alter the header. Each “<h1>” that appears in your code will be the same color you plugged in. Cascading style sheets is the regular method of creating the style for website. It’s easier to change when it’s time for a website makeover as well.

Step 6

To alter the color of links and font use CSS. The code for font is “p {color:#336699;}”. The HTML code has to be surrounded by the “<p>” and “</p>” tags. The colors that links appear on the are changed using “{color:#336699;}” and “<a href>” tags inside the website code written in HTML code. Change rules, tables, and cells with  “{color:#336699;}” writing in CSS.

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