How to Use Fermentation in a Natural Way

Fermentation is the process by which cells release energy under anaerobic conditions (generally). Several major products of fermentation are ethanol, lactic acid, and hydrogen gas. Fermentation of sugars by yeast is typically used as the source of ethanol for alcoholic beverages.

In other words, fermentation is a chemical change brought on by the action of microscopic yeast, molds and bacteria. The souring of milk, the rising of dough and the conversion of sugar to alcohol are all examples of fermentation. Of course the conversion of sugar to alcohol is what we are interested in so that is what we will be concentrating on.

Making of beer and wine: These are the steps to be followed for making a good quality beer and wine.

  • As because dirt harbors bacteria grows rapidly in unclean environment, clean the equipment well and keep in good condition so as to prevent wine and beer from spoilage. Replace scratched and broken equipment.
  • Sanitizing is an important step. Sanitize all the equipment which has been cleaned by specialized sanitizer
  • During the first 1 to 2 days before yeast has started to take hold, use a tight-fitting lid for all your fermenting equipment and exposure to air can bring wild yeast and bacteria, which should be monitored seriously.
  • High quality fresh ingredients should always be preferred for perfect product.
  • Use 10 grams of fresh yeast per 5 gallon batch of beer and follow all those instruction for a perfect beer or wine to taste.

Making of alcohol: Most of us will be familiar with the baker’s yeast. Yeast enzymes breaks up sugar into almost equal parts of alcohol and carbon dioxide gas which involves production of alcohol. Most yeast is wild in nature and grows on plants and animals where they are dispersed through natural agents like air and water. Since yeast spores are almost everywhere in nature, they have a great change of fermenting your grape juice and your malt. The problem in fermenting alcohol is that there are hundreds and hundreds of wild yeast and most of them are not suitable. This wild yeast will give a bad off-tastes and it may result in low alcoholic, partly fermented sweet beverage which is not your desired product. A specially cultured yeast is used for fermentation of alcoholic beverages by its manufacturers for this purpose.

Better understanding of yeast and bacteria have resulted in techniques that keep out unwanted microorganisms which causes bad taste and spoil your product. Hence modern fermentation practices have eliminated the problems of above.

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