How to Use a Framing Square

The framing square is a measuring and a cutting instrument, which is made of steel. It can also be made in any light weighing materials like aluminum. It is about 2 inches wide; this is called as the blade. It has a1 to 0.5 inches arm, it is a narrow one. It is the tongue of the framing square. They are primarily used for cutting the staircases. The rafters can also be cut with these framing squares.

They are very essential for any projects where many number of angle cuts are required. They can be used easily. It would become an easy one, once you become familiar with some simple measuring techniques. The mathematics knowledge is not that essential; you can learn only the required ones and use these framing squares. You can use them for many complex requirements. There are two things that you require to do this job; they are the framing square and the sharp pencils, which are essential to mark.

The first one is to decide the distance of the object. The height of the object is also very important. In the event of building the stairs, it is very important to decide the way in which you the stairs first decide and confirm it. Place the framing square at any of the edge of a stair and start the markings. After putting them, mark on the left side for the rising and a mark on the other side, (i.e.) the right side for the purpose of run.

Then mark an L shape on the board with the use of the top edge. Then move this particular board along with the square. You have to reposition the board, till another L shape is got. This is the beginning process for the staircase. This is the same procedure for building the roof rafters as suggested by Colony Roofers.

Then put the diagonal across the board, with the help of which you can create a roof pitch. When it ends, number them. These numbers would be found on the every square. This is the top most part and it will be placed under the wall.

Once these things are done, the next process is to perform a series of measurement process. The important measurements like the span, run are to be calculated. The other measurements like the cut, layout rafter and the test and also needed to be calculated.

These measurements should be calculated with the help of the framing square. They would be very suitable for this purpose. The other side of the framing square consists of the charts, which are required for the calculation of different types. The framing square is a very useful tool, which is required for the purpose of building stairs and other types of angled designs.

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