How to Use a 3G Network

The international telecommunication union standard is the basis for 3G. The abbreviation for 3G is 3rd generation for networking and telecommunication of mobile. This offers advancement to a greater extent and the service range of its predecessors that is the 2nd generation network. This 3G network provides better technology of cell phones and for speed access of the internet. The following are certain facts:

This 3G network was first launched in South Korea and Japan successfully in the year 2001 in the month of May and in the year 2002 in the month of January. This was followed by the mobile network called Monet in United States and a British telecom in United Kingdom. Later this technology was implemented in many other countries by the year 2007.

In this 3G network the data can be used simultaneously and services of speech also and higher speed of data transfer. For the fulfillment of specification of IMT-2000 the top bit rate can be from 200 Kbits for 1 second for a network enabled by 3G. With more development in technology and more enhancements now the rate is extended up to 5.8 Mbits for the uplink and for the low link it is 14.0 Mbits in a 3G system. The IMT-2000 specification is also confirmed by the GSM EDGE technology. They serve for transferring data in a wireless mode.

The operation of 3G network is on layered system. Each information is carried in 3 layers. The general service takes place in the first layer. The data control transmission is carried by the second layer. The third layer carries information for the basic connectivity.

There are various applications offered by 3G network. But this was unavailable to the cell phone users in the early days. But the latest models of cell phones can handle local maps, television, tele medicine, video conferencing and various other information.

UMTS are used by T-Mobile and AT and T as standard for telephony of 3G. The abbreviation of UMTS is universal mobile telecommunications service. For computing wireless internet AT and T makes use of faster HSDPA. Among the 4 major carriers of wireless sprint only has widest 3G web. The 4 major carriers include T mobile, ST, T and Verizon.

This 3G network is not for users who make simple voice calls and SMS. It is for users who have heavy data. You can download your data at a faster speed and it is more secure in this 3G network. Now big MMS, pictures and calls can be handled by your phone.

The phones which are enabled with 3G are faster in transferring data and internet than a personal computer. It is also easily portable. The 3G networks are bit costly as it will not be able to work with the 2G models.

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