How to Transmit Smoke Signals

On going for a camping trip or hiking, make a notice that computer and cell phone in that location cannot be able to access or to be used. This may lead to make you in a condition prevailing the need towards emergency medicine or to rescue and inform others of your step mark. Rather than camping materials or hiking first aid kit must be brought and one can easily pass smoke signals.

Any individual may locate himself to others with the help of these smoke signals produced. A life can be saved by this when put in danger or at threat in woods. Particularly people lost in the desert areas can be saved and rescued by this smoke signals. Over hundreds of years this smoke signals are created which follows a specific way towards hiking and travelling. Matches, fuel, tarp or blanket are the necessary things required for producing the smoke signals.

Universal codes should be known well before setting to produce such signals. This is because the codes might tell about your position. That is to let to know by others whether you are in emergency, threat and safe. Doing so makes a part towards your safety preventing from those difficulties.

To let fire in the area of your choice is a main thing to be considered. Always ensure that your place is visible from where the signal is to be sent. It shouldn’t be a valley or treed areas but should be high up.

Light a fire clearing any form of debris in that place which may be adversely harmful. Presence of more debris in that place where fire lightened may spread. Make the fire not to go out so that keeps the fuel nearby.

Huge smoke collection have to be made, this is done by branches or grass. Hide the fire with the suitable blanket and again place it near fire. To produce smoke with large puffs which flows in air in desired patterns is done in a motion of waves, which the message is signaled.

Message covers huge distance making the signals in chain which is allowed and increases the ability of other such peoples discovering on it. This further makes the message to reach areas which is unreachable. From the emergency unit any one can make a view over such signals without eliminating the possibility.

Save our souls is the literal abbreviation of the term SOS a general type of code is the signal stating help status. This is achieved by making the blanket move over the fire creating small puffs. Repeat this until help comes.

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