How to Unlock the Websites

In most of the educational institutions and companies, you could find that many entertainment websites such as,, and etc., can’t be accessed this happens because these websites are locked. If you want to access those websites you must know to unlock them. This article will gives you a clear cut idea to unlock the sites that are locked and you can have full internet access in your environment.

Before knowing to unlock the websites, let us discuss some important things about locking the sites. Basically locking is done by some of the special software available in the market, mostly this software will work together with your Microsoft internet explorer and the other type of locking is through the firewalls this method is used in the large network places such as schools or offices. Locking is somewhat easier job than unlocking. The below tips will give you the way to unlock the sites.

Unlocking can be done in any place you want to, which can be a college or a school or some internet cafes. The main task you must do is to find the website blocking software and to uninstall it.

Proxy servers:

Proxy servers will make the host user as an unspecified one, which means the user is not considered as the user of the computer. And these websites have their own IP address which can’t be blocked by the website blocking software or the fire walls of your system. So you can access the locked sites easily. Just connect your computer to the proxy server and go to the needed websites easily. It allows you to even interact with the website.

The below mentioned are some of the proxy servers:


Individual users:

Usually the unlocking the websites is effective on the individual systems which connect to the internet directly. If an administrator looks on you in a network means it involves different unlocking techniques.

Mostly in computers that has individual users means the locking is mainly done by website blocking software or some options that will block some specific list of sites, this is an easy task to unlock them, just you need to change some settings. Now let us discuss what you must do in the settings to unblock them. In your browser click on the tools tab on the top and in that select the security or the options tab available. Now you could see a window in that select the restricted sites and delete the sites URL available there. If not download some other internet browsing software and carry on.

If the blocking is due to some of the website blocking software means just shutdown or uninstall it.

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